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Outliers Chapter 2 Breakdown

No description

Adam Key

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Outliers Chapter 2 Breakdown

Does this Apply to the Real World?
What is the 10,000 - Hour Rule?
Some commentary
Gladwell says that practicing for 10 hours can be a general rule of success but you need "some sort of special opportunity for practice"
Author Bias
The 10,000 - Hour Rule
Essential Questions
If his book then, is about outliers then, shouldn't he find people that don't fall under this general rule of success? Who is successful without practicing? Who practices forever and isn't successful?
Why is Beyonce famous?
she sang in her mother's salon. I sing in the shower..I'm sure I've been singing for a pretty long time now.. A shower per day 5-7 minutes of singing, just turned 15, started around 4. Calculated thats almost 500 hours. Beyonce was 16 when her dad got them a record deal, 11 when she was on a talent show. No matter how much she sang it seems fairly impossible to have gotten 10,000 hours. So maybe I'm just NOT A GOOD SINGER.
Gladwell says inate talent plays a really small role in success, but practice without purpose isn't good enough.
Why are the Kardashian's successfull? They make a lot of money. Are they innately beautiful?
When it comes down to it, Kim Kardashian had a lot of help, at least at the beginning. From famous father Robert Kardashian (OJ Simpsons' lawyer) to famous step-father Bruce Jenner, Kim has been fortunate to have many famous people surrounding her. The rest was hard work. Kim dates athletes and rap artists to ensure that people will have plenty to talk about.
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