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Magcon Tour<3

Media Tech Final Project

Mackenzie Lyon

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Magcon Tour<3

Magcon Tour
By Meghan King and Mackenzie Lyon
Team: 8-1
About Magcon Tour
Magcon tour is a meet and greet convention tour that brings your favorite online entertainers to a city near you.
VIP Passes
The VIP pass gives you admission into all three days of Magcon (Friday,Saturday, and sunday) to meet the entainers. The cost is $159.00, and if you buy the VIP, you wont have to pay for the other 2 days of Magcon. When you buy the VIP pass, you get to meet each Magcon member. You will also get a free t-shirt signed by eachother by each member.
Who is part of Magcon?
Shawn Mendes-15 years old
Aaron Carpenter-15 years old
Matthew Espinosa-16 years
Nash Grier-16 years old
Jack Gilinsky- 17 years old
Jack Johnson-17 years old
Carter Reynolds-17 years old
Taylor Caniff-18 years old
Cameron Dallas-19 years old

Magcon Family
Magcon tour:
What you can get a Magcon
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