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Testify Book Talk

No description

Brandon Youtube

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Testify Book Talk

Valerie Sherrard Testify Summary Setting Theme Thoughts About The Book Valerie Sherrard is a Canadian author of books for children and young adults. Valerie Sherrard was born in 1957 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. She has wrote over 12 books not including this one. She has won many awards. For the book There’s a COW Under my Bed, she was nominated for the 2010 Shining Willow Award. She writes picture books, junior fiction, and Teen Fiction. Characters Carrie : A girl in middle school who has become good friends with a group of girls but wishes to break that friendship apart by saying big lies.

Shana : The girl who lied for her friend to get an innocent man in jail for molestation.

Hayley : The girl who got blamed for stealing memorable items in there group, but actually got set up by Carrie. Read Aloud The read aloud that I choose was "That man went to prison, Shana. To Prison". I choose this because it shows that Shana had the responsibility to tell her parents that she lied in the courtroom for her friend, and she wants to help him get out. The book mostly takes place at Shana's school and in her own house. Also in the beginning of the book, the main setting was the courtroom. Where an innocent man went to jail. I think this is one of the shortest books I have ever read with so much drama in it. I enjoyed this book a lot because it starts of making you think that everything is okay, but as the story moves on it starts to show you the past and what truly happened. It makes you think that one person is the one who is in need but at the end that person was actually a backstabber. I believe that this book is appropriate for grade 7 and 8 because I think that they could probably relate to it, and younger children wouldn't find it entertaining. I would rate this book 7 out of 10. The book is about a girl named Shana. She never does bad things, she knows right from wrong.When her best friend Carrie comes and asks her for a favor, she couldn't say no. Shana agrees to break the law to save Carrie from a molester. When court comes, they get the molester to be found guilty. The trouble starts when someone in there group is stealing from the others. Carrie blames it on a girl named Hayley. Shana doesn't know who to believe, Carrie or Hayley. Everyone believes Carrie so Hayley stopped hanging out with them. Shana goes to Hayley's house to find out if she actually stole, but she didn't. She got set up by Carrie. Hayley tells Shana that a few years before Carrie didn't like a guy who was staying at her uncles resort. Carrie told Hayley that they could get him out by saying that he molested her. So Shana finds out that Carrie made her lie in court to put an innocent man in prison for molestation, just because Carrie didn't like him. I believe that this book's theme is responsibility because once she found out that she gave a fake testimony to make an innocent man go to prison she told her parents and even went to the police station to tell them what happened. Author Information Quiz/Questions 1. What's the authors name ?
2: Whats the name of the girl who lied to help her friend ?
3:Who got blamed for stealing in there group ?
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