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Sales Presentation

Sales 101

David Jenkins

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of Sales Presentation

Account Management Sales Success Sales Process Account Management About me
GradConnection Take the customer through the process early

Understand their kpi's

Keep in touch

If done properly the re-sign will come naturally The Close Now that you have the customer make sure you keep them Account Management

Re-signing Sales 101 Who is your customer? Activity Graduates?
Marketing Space? What do we sell? Graduates & students?

Graduate employers?

Corporate organisations?

Governement Departments?

All of the above? Who is our customer? Make sure you have one Sales Process Sales for the non-salesman Leads I'm living proof Sales can be learnt by anyone Who are you going to sell to? B2B vs B2C Office Printers
Advertising Space
Consulting Services Office Assistant/PA
General Manager/CEO Leads
Follow Up
Closing Effort put in here will make for a smooth process

Not always a numbers game


Infomation Up Prospecting 3 kinds of people

Do the work

Listen to the market Meeting This should be the goal of any cold call

2 types of meetings

Be in the room

Leave with an output (not a sale) Follow up This is where 1/2 of all sales are lost!

Top sales people do this If you have followed the process you will get:

The Sign Off or REJECTION

At this stage a rejection is a good thing

Gain feedback esspecially if you're a start up

Take care of your early customers Re-sign Exsisting customers are gold (provided they've had good account management)

Learn to grow existing customers You don't need to be extroverted to be successful in sales Charisma is a state of mind Norma Jeane Mortenson extroverts can be dis-advantaged It's a numbers game Figure out your numbers Follow through your process Everytime Identify your market Know your customers LinkedIn Be Honest Any industry is small Don't follow Sales 101 Car salesman

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