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Describe How Characters Interact and Change

Lesson 20

Stacie Garrett-Diaz

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Describe How Characters Interact and Change

are the people in stories.
Sometimes they seem like you and me.
Sometimes they are fantastic creatures.
Sometimes they are animals or objects that do things human beings do.
For example, a
may be:
*a nine-year-old boy *a queen
*a dancing kettle *a pirate
*an elf *a leprechaun
*a talking horse *a sailor
Describe How Characters Interact & Change
Understand the TEKS
Hi !
4.6(B) Describe the interaction of characters including their relationships and the changes they undergo.

figure 19(D) Make inferences about text and use textual evidence to support understanding.
Words to Know
*Character *Minor Character
*Character Trait *Physical Trait
*Main Character *Relationship
Main Character
main character
is the most
important character.
This is the character the story is about.
Other characters are called
minor characters.
Physical Traits &
Character Traits
Characters have traits.


show how a character looks
For example, a character may be tall and thin with silky black hair.

Character traits
show what a character is like.
For example, a character may be spunky and adventurous.

Try these....
1. Who is your favorite character from literature?

2. What physical traits does this character have?

3. What character traits does this character have?
Sometimes the author tells you what a character is like.
Sometimes you have to make inference, or figure out what the character is like for yourself.
Often, you learn about the character in both ways.
Main & Minor Characters
main character
is the most important character in the story.
This is the character the story is mostly about.

There are other characters, too. They are
minor characters
Some minor characters play a bigger role in the story that others.
For example, the main character's best friends would play a bigger role than other students in the class.
During the story, the main character interacts with other characters.
Some characters may be friends.
Others may not be friends.
The main character may get into a conflict with another character.
The main character may try to win the respect of other characters.
Pay attention to these relationships.
They tell you a lot about the character.
Characters Grow & Change
As the story goes on, the main character grows and changes.
Just as real people do, characters in stories learn from their mistakes.
They try to do things, and when those things don't work out, they try something new.

Their feelings about themselves and other characters change. They learn a lot about themselves and others as
they solve their problems.
Comprehension Tip
Make connections as you read.
Connect the characters to people you know.
Put yourself in their shoes and see how they are like you and different from you.
Connect the characters to characters you have read about in other stories.
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