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Benefits and Disadvantages of Worldwide Shipping Oil

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hayley everett

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Benefits and Disadvantages of Worldwide Shipping Oil

The Effects Of Worldwide Shipping Oil Environment If the Oil Tanker crashes or leaks it could cause an environmental disaster. And pollution of the water. Benefits Disadvantages Plant life, habitats, marine life, birds, and coastlines will be harmed. Once oil is on the feathers of the birds, they are no longer be able to fly. Once oil enters the animals lungs they will not be able to breathe and they will not survive. Oil Tankers use a lot of fuel Oil Tankers Oil tankers are cargo ships designed to carry large amounts of crude oil. Society If the oil tanker were to sink there would be a large loss of oil resulting in a significant loss of money. Once the oil tanker is docked at a harbour it will become very busy as the oil is loaded onto transport trucks for the people living in nearby towns. If the oil tanker were to catch on fire the air in would be polluted which could harm citizens. Society Countries are able to share their oil with other countries and transport it all over the world. Creating jobs for people working at the harbours and small towns near by will have more business. When more jobs are created the economy will be boosted because more people would have money to spend on other things When transporting large amounts of goods using one tanker is more eco-friendly then using many planes, cars, and trucks. Environment
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