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BRUH you know its 21

its 21

Evelin Cabrera

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of BRUH you know its 21

IT'S 21
Architecture and Housing
Our community has many different houses such as ...
The world here is allowed any religion they are pleased and the rules in Bruh It's 21 is that religion isn't different because you serve the same worshipers and the same god (It's just that they describe it a different way............)

Kids in our community go to school for 6 years, high school for 2 years then they attend college for 2 years and collage costs nothing. During those years they go to school and they get 5 months off of school a year.
clothing that
only certain genders can
wear depending on their age....
Lawd dun da dun found the community and began to bring other community run-aways to our community and that is why we have an over populated community.
In our community money grows on trees and everyone that works is payed 21 thousand dollars a month.(Trees grow fast in our community.)
in this religion every 21 months they must drown in holy water to cleanse their sins.
Family first
The limit is up to 21 kids.people are allowed to mate and find their own true loves but once you reach 35 and you are still single your true love lawd dun da dun pairs you up with someone he thinks will make you happy. you can have as many pets as you want as long as pet care knows you are taking well care of the animals or the animal.
in our community we eat many
different type of food
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