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Presentation :Teaching writing the workshop way

READ 5310 Emergent Literacy

Natcha L.

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Presentation :Teaching writing the workshop way

A fun world where kids create and share their own stories Every child has a story How to hold the book right side up and to turn pages correctly
That books have covers, titles and authors
To use and develop their creative writing and imagination
About the purpose of the book toward reader(s)
Letter and sounds by reading their own words Making their own books helps
children learn : TEACHING WRITING
THE WORKSHOP WAY Writer’s workshop! * Children love to share their writing with
the teacher, their peers and others.

* Writers know the purpose of their writing
and the need of their audience

* Writers also seek feedback from their
audience Publishing * Displaying the writing on a specially
labeled bulletin board

* Printing the final draft in a format that
allows the pages to be folded into a book

* joining with other writers to create a
newsletter or newspaper

* Publishing on magazines,school website
or other websites that allow children to
share and publish their writing Video
writing workshop
(K-2 grade) Sharing KEY FEATURES OF WRITING WORKSHOP * A short lesson usually takes 5-15 minutes (teacher presentation)

* Each mini lesson focused on a single topic that students need help with

* The best mini lesson based on real-world things that writers know or need to know Writing time Mini lesson * Provide writing time for children
to write, each workshop lasting
around 45-60 minutes

* The teacher can write with students

* Conference with students (individual
or group) Drafting Publishing Revising Generating
ideas Editing Prewriting (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr WRITING PROCESS SETTING THE MOOD

* Location, environment, temperature, and etc.
that make children feel comfortable
* Writing tools
* Music
* Books, pictures, shared stories, newspapers etc.
to motivate children's creative writing and
imagination WRITING WORKSHOP THANK YOU :-D " Research shows that students are highly motivated to write when they write their own stories in a journal. The journal provides the teacher a very effective and relevant way to reinforce phonics and other concepts of writing."
( Graves, 1983) Christie, J. F., Enz, B. J., & Vukelich, C. (2007). Teaching language and literacy (3rd ed.).
New York, NY : Pearson.

Graves, D.H. (1983). Writing: Teachers and children at work. Exeter,
NH: Heinemann Educational Books.

Peha, S. (2003). Welcome to writer's workshop. 3-12. Retrieved from www.ttms.org REFERENCES
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