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Mindless Behavior

No description

Bri Lewis

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Mindless Behavior

Mindless Behavior
#1 Girl Ablum
Released on September 20, 2011 This Ablum Sold Over 36,000.
The album debuted at number seven on the US Billboard 200.

Ray Ray
Ray Ray Was Born In Los Angeles, California By The Name Of Rayan Lopez.
Ray Ray Has Been His NickName Ever Since He Was A Kid So It Stayed The Same.
His Birthday Is Janurary 6,1996 He Is 17 And His Favorie Color Is Purple.
Princeton Was Born In Los Angeles, California By The Name Of Jacob Emmanuel Perez.
Princeton Got His Name Because He Likes To Study Musical History & Collect Musical Facts.
His Birthday Is April 21,1996 And He Is Also 17 Years Old.
His Favorite Color Green
All Around The World Ablum
All Around the World is the second studio album, by American boy band Mindless Behavior. Selling Over 37,000 in its first week.
Prodigy "Leader"
Prodigy Was Born In Philadelphia By The Name Of Craig Crippen Jr.
His Birthday Is December 26, 1996
He Got The Name Prodigy Because He Is A "Prodigy" At Dancing.
His Favorite Color Is Red And He Is 17 Years Old.
Roc Royal
Mindless Behavior
Mindless Behavior Is A BoyBand Produced In 2008.
There Are 4 Members Known As Prodigy, Princeton, Roc Royal & Ray Ray.
There First Single "My Girl" Was Released In October Of 2010.
The members are all in their early teens.
Roc Royal Was Born In South Central, California By The Name Of Chresanto Romelo Lorenzo August.
He Got His Name ROC Because He Always Gives 100% And ROYAL Is His Softer Side.
His Birthday Is July 23, 1997 He 16 And His Favorite Color Is Blue And Black.
Listen To MB
Mindless Behavior Has Really Good Music And I Would Recommend You To Listen To Them. They Music Is Mostly About Love & Girls And SomeTimes About Their LoveLife. <3
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