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Extension Assignment

Gill Mask Design From Nature

Kemba Jessup

on 27 July 2010

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Transcript of Extension Assignment

Gill Mask! The gill mask is a design
from the gills of a fish. It is very
environmentally friendly
as it does not require batteries,
chargers or anything like that.
All you need to do is put the
mask over your face and into
the water you go. The gill mask works in a way that
no other oxygen mask or diving mask

When your under the water the mask
lets all the oxygen from the water into
your body and stops the water getting
in. Seeing as there is an unlimited supply
of oxygen in the ocean you can stay
free diving or just swimming under water
for a very long time Currently, divers and other underwater
swimmers have to carry heavy oxygen
tanks with them whenever they go
The oxygen they can use in a dive is
limited to what the tank can hold.
With the gill mask divers have no time
limit, at least none imposed by oxygen requirements.
The yellow attachment that works as gills contain a fluid of which extract the oxygen from water through the thin walls.
The oxygen is transferred to the inner surface of the mask where it can be inhaled by the diver the
remaining molecules slip straight back into the water.
The gill mask is completely scratch free; the plastic on the front of the mask
will not break, snap, rip or tear.

This brilliant design means that you will never have to lug a heavy oxygen
tank around again. It also provides free divers no time limit as to which
they have to come back up to the surface for air, as the oxygen will never
run out.

The gill mask can be yours for only 3 payments of $49.99

We are also for the first 300 buyers giving out a free high quiality digital
underwater camera.
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