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The Great Gatsby Project: Myrtle Wilson

Character Analysis of Myrtle wilson form the book, the great gatsby.

Shawn Reasin

on 17 December 2010

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Project: Myrtle Wilson

Who is she? Character in the great gatsby
Married to george wilson.
having an affair with tom Buchanan.
Has an arguement with tom about his wife, Tom breaks her nose
Wilson catches wind of her affair, locks her in a room, and plans to ship her out west when he has the money
She is killed when Daisy runs her over, driving Gatsby's car. Description
Mid thirties, faintly stout with thickish features.
Insecure, and lonely most of the time.
Looks for someone who pays attention to her and can provide compassion/Mascuinty.

Myrtle Wilson Importance Myrtle is a vital character to
the story, she connects all the
characters, and becuase of her
Many import events occur in the
Tom Bucanhan's affair
Her Death
Gatsby's death, and Wilson's Demise. Themes Mrytle's character in the
stroy represents wealth &
fame in the 20's She insists she married below her class,
and whats to be associated with the upper
class and more wealth.
Her constant struggle to obtain this, and manage it is symbolic to the AMERICAN DREAM of the 1920's. Myrtle Lives with
her husband at his garage.
She hangs at parties, and even has an apartment that Tom pays for "Beat Me! throw me down and beat
Me! you dirty little coward!" (refering to first meeting tom)
"You can not live forever" The End
By S. Reasin.
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