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Hotel services 1

No description

Go English Live

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Hotel services 1

Hotel services 1
Double bedroom
What's included:
What room can I stay in with a big family?
Hotel accommodations
Family room
Different areas in the hotel
Whats included:
1 double bed
2 semi-double beds
Air conditioner
Led tv
Safe box
Mini bar
Queen size bed
Air conditioner
plasma tv
Safe box
Double bed
Air conditioner
LED tv
Safe box
Mini bar
Twin Room
1 double bed
1 Semi double bed
Air conditioner
Plasma tv
Safe box
Mini bar
Vocabulary practice
Room - Habitacion
Air conditioner - Aire aconditionado
Safe box - Caja fuerte
Double bed - Cama doble
Twin bed - Cama sencilla
Meeting rooms
Centro de negocios
Restaurant area
Lobby area
Outdoor seats
5 am - closing
We serve delicious drinks
Area where you can enjoy a cup of coffee.
Enjoy a beautiful night out.
3 comfortable rooms available
Here you can enjoy our delicious restaurant.
Family room
What room is good for my honeymoon?
The suite
What room is perfect for me and girlfriend?
Double bedroom
I need a room for one, what do you have?
Double bedroom
I'd like a room for me, my husband and our 2 kids.
Twin bedroom
Word bank
Guest wishes
Some times guest ask for different things.
Hello, I need some more towels please.
Sure, one moment.
I'm sorry, we don't have any.
I will send it to your room.
Ok, no problem.
Don't forget PLEASE and THANK YOU
We have plans for different occasions
Romantic night
Romantic dinner
Romantic dinner and decoration in our suite room
We do special decoration with rose petals
Bottle of champagne or wine
Breakfast in bed
Fruit basket
The Cost is $289.100
a' la cart dinner in the restaurant or out on the terrace with special decoration and a bottle of wine
Cost is $120.000
This includes the romantic night and dinner with special decorations.
The cost is $330.000
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