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sea survival

be ready, its really difficult !

Holackow Khan

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of sea survival

precautionary mesures
possibility of crash
most difficult survival situation
Aircraft crippled
you will face
75% of earth
70% Oceans & Seas
Survival depends on :
knowledge of
Ability to use the available equipment
will to live
survival equipment on board :
Special Skills & ability to cope with the hasards you face
where ?
what ?
how many life ?
how much food ,water & medicine ?
Get clear of the aircraft but stay in the vicinity until A/C sinks
Try to find other survivors
Get clear of fuel covered water
Make your way to a Rafts or floating debrits
who knows to relax is in very little danger of drowning
Float on your back
you may even sleep for short

if you cannot :
float face down
as shown :
Best swimming Strokes
dog paddle
if you have life preserver
HELP position
50% T° loss by the head
also : neck, the sides, the groin
by : Holackow khan
if you have RAFTS
usually stowed on the wings
Remove and attach your life preserver
No sharp objects
After boarding don your life preserver
For all rafts : Remember the 5 A
Air-check :
All chambers inflated, inflation valves closed, equalization tube clamps clamped
Assistance-Assist the others :
Use proper boarding technique
Anchor :
Properly deployed
Accessory bag :
Assessment-Assess the situation :
positive mental attitude

Life expectancy times for immersion in water
15°C to 21°C

12 hours
10°C to 15°C

6 hours
4.5°C to 10°C

1 hours
below 4.5°C

less than 1 hour
wearing an antiexposure suit may increase these times up to 24 hours maximum
keep in mind and remind others :
cooperation is one of the keys of survival
Tank you for your Attention
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