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Well U: Eating Out

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on 23 July 2015

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Transcript of Well U: Eating Out

Eating out
Ways to eat out in healthy way
Get a water at restaurant instead of a soda
Ask to have your food not cooked in oil or butter
Choose a salad or veggies as your side
Get the smaller size
Take half home to eat later
Avoid free bread/fries
"Food Coma"
After eating a large meal at restaurants I ALWAYS experience the "Food Coma." I end up regretting what I ate, once I fall asleep and don't wake up until 4 hours later....

After you eat foods high on the glycemic index (Fast absorbing carbohydrates, Ex: White Bread, Sugary cereal, potatoes, white rice.) your body switches its hormones to conserve more energy, which is noticed as sleepiness.

To avoid the Food Coma go on a 15 minute walk after your feast
Excessive Calories
For example if you eat a large meat lovers pizza from Pizza hut it's almost 4,000 calories..... (Yes, I have been guilty of this.)

Cheeseburger (300 calories)+Medium Coke (200 calories)+ Medium Fries (380 calories) = 880 calories for 1 meal!

All excess calories end up being stored as fat.

Ways to prevent eating out
Prepare meals yourself and/or with friends
This will save you money and calories
Limit yourself to eating out one or two times per week
Drink a lot of water when you get the urge to fill your stomach.
Go for dessert after a home cooked meal
Learn to cook for favorite restaurant dish
Stock up on fast easy meals

What are the obstacles you face when deciding what to eat?
Open Discussion
Most restaurants DO have nutrition facts available to you. (Most are online)

This makes it easier to gauge your calorie intake and make adjustments

Even the dining halls on campus have nutrition facts available for everything they serve.

It is something you have to look for, most of the time it is not in plain sight. (especially if its unhealthy)
Increasing Knowledge
Focus on this too!
Fun Facts
Every day ¼ of the adult U.S. population visits a fast food restaurant
Americans purchase an average of 3 fast food hamburgers each week
Americans eat 49 lbs of potatoes per year. Of this, 30 lbs are in the form of frozen French fries, 90% from fast food restaurants. We buy an average of 4 orders of fries each week.
Only 52% of food purchased is for home consumption
U.S. adults purchase a restaurant snack or meal 5.8 times per week.

Common Myths!
1. All fats in foods are bad for you
2. You can't eat out or get fast food
3. Eating fat free foods will make you lose more weight
4. Vitamins supplements can replace food

How might eating out frequently cause problems?
Everything in Moderation
All foods can be fit into a healthy diet
Food is to be enjoyed!
Eating healthy is more difficult
Balancing calories throughout the day
Did you know!
Artificial food dye (blue 1, blue 2, yellow 5, and yellow 6, etc..) is made from petroleum and is banned in Norway, Finland, Austria, France and the United Kingdom. This is essentially in everything we eat.

Azodicarbonamide is banned in most of Europe. It is found in frozen dinners and packaged baked goods. This compound is used for forming gym mats and the soles of shoes.

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