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laura dowdy

on 14 November 2018

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Transcript of by:Brittany

Neptune Facts!!!!!!
I hope you liked my presentation!!!!!!!
To start with Neptune has eight moons their named Triton,Nereid,Proteus,Naiad,Thalassa,Galatea,Despina,Larissa,Sao,Neso,Psamathe,Laomeia and,Halimede!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neptune's moons!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Amazing Neptune!!!!!!!!!!
As you can see here the atmosphere is also ice. That's because Neptune has a ice cap.
Neptune's atmosphere is made of helium and hydrogen and ice!!!!!!!
Neptune's Atmosphere Is Made Of ...
Whats Neptune named after?
This is Neptune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neptune is named after the roman god of the sea!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a picture of Neptune !!
The Sound Of The Amazing Planet Neptune!!!!!!!!!! PS this sounds creepy!!!!
Any questions??????????
Other Amazing Neptune Facts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neptune is the fourth largest planet in the solar system. The diameter of Neptune is 49,500 km. Neptune is four times as big as earth.Neptune has to great spots and they are just as Junipers they are great storms. the distance away from the sun is 2,796.46 million miles. a day for Neptune is 16 hours 7 minutes. The temperature on Neptune is -353 degrees F.°°°°°
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