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Employment Contracts and Types of Workers

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on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Employment Contracts and Types of Workers

Employment Contracts and Types of Workers

A Casual Job is usually a external on call job that is a hourly pay Job. A casual worker will only works on demand of the employer. A casual employer will rarely get any holidays or paid sick leave. A example of this is bar work.
Part Time
Part Time Work is when the worker will work a shorter amount of time. Part Time work is usually around under 35 hours. They have less benefits than a Full Time Job. You can also get a Part Time Job younger than a Full Time Job. A Part Time Job is more for people who has other priorities such as School or a Child
Full Time
A full time work is when a the employee will spend most of their time doing this job. A Full time job must legally be more than 35 hours a week and they are entitled to Paid Sick Leave, Annual Leave and Health Insurance.
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