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Jewish Community in California

No description

Amelia Nugent

on 25 March 2018

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Transcript of Jewish Community in California

Small Businesses
Many Jews came to California to make their fortune without having a role in the actual search for gold, so they started small businesses such as clothing companies, coffee, paper, etc.
Community for Reform Jews
Some Reform Jews living in Palestine decided to move because they didn't fully support the change from Palestine to the State of Isreal. They came to San Francisco in hopes of starting new community. Many of them considered San Francisco the new "promise land".
Emanu-El Sisterhood for Personal Service
This is one example of how the Jewish community managed to integrate well into this city. The Emanu-El Sisterhood for Public Service was founded by Rabbi Jacob Voorsanger and Bella Seligman to help European Jewish immigrants adjust to the American lifestyle.
Thank you!
Everyone knows that California became extremely popular in the mid 1800's for its amazing discoveries of gold! But was that the only reason for these abundant migrations?
Jewish Community in California
By Amelia and Josie
Small City
Prior to the gold rush, the city of San Francisco was incredibly small and had very little infrastructure compared to most eastern cities. This lack thereof was advantageous for the Jews because it led to a better integration into this new place and made it so that their community grew with the city. Although it was easier to integrate here than other cities it still wasn't perfect.
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Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss came to California to make his fortune by continuing the family business; eventually renaming it to "Levi Strauss & Co". He is the founder and creator of blue jeans.

Push or pull?
Many people came to California during the gold rush because they were pulled towards the idea of making a fortune. However, many representatives of the Jewish community came to California from Europe fleeing repression and persecution. So, not only were they pushed to leave Europe but pulled toward the promise of wealth and a new life.
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