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Royal Bengal Tigers.

No description

Marcus Sorrell

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Royal Bengal Tigers.

Help, Save

1,850 Tigers in the world - www.tigersincrisis.com.
Habiat Loss
With Forests Dissapearing rapidly due to deforestation in a terrifying "rate of 36 football fields a minute.",Bengal Tigers have fewer and fewer places to call home.With Few Habitats tigers find it hard to reproduce and if the can't reproduce, Tigers will be as good as dead.
"Rate of 36 football fields a minute."-www.savetigersnow.com
Royal Bengal Tigers.

Tigers, these majestic beasts,
the kings of the jungle, are extremely
close to extinction. There are approximaty
1,850 Royal Bengal tigers left in the world.
Why is this happening ? They die because.
1) Loss of Natural Habitat
2) Poaching
3) Finally Tiger Products.
A tiger in it's natural habitat.
Or what it used to be.
A fine example of a horrid tiger product.
Tiger poaching is causing tigers to become extinct.
Habitats gone, good , trees wasted.
Illegal Poaching
Poaching is one of the main components contributing to the tigers extinction. In a century 3 out of 8 species of tigers have been been killed off. In 100 years tigers when from hundreds of thousands to barely 3000.
"In 100 years tigers went from hundreds of thousand to barely 3000"-www.fws gov\international
An innocent cub exposed to this madness.
Without a habitat Tigers wander the dirt roads
Tiger Based Products
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