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Untitled Prezi

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Tamsin Scott

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

from tamsin happy birthday petal x lucy, today is your birthday! (actually it's probably not
as i think you'll see this on saturday but w/e)
you're 16 now so you can buy scratchcards and
also do the naughty if you feel like it but you
probably won't bc you're a fine upstanding lady
(that's there purely for marisa's benefit). however
if we lived in roman times you'd be married
with children by now how does that
feel my friend??? we've had so many times together (i promise this
won't sound too much like an lpc) and i'm so
happy that we're still friends because you've made
my life so far brillopads. you're beautiful, funny,
wonderful and generally just such a lovely person

ok i lied this is basically an lpc whoops i love how we're basically girlfriends and how if i'm
sad we'll just go out on a date to costa/mcdonalds
/cinema etc and it'll make me feel so much better.
you used to be my girl crush (still are a little
bit not going to lie) and i used to wear a scarf
how you did bc i thought you were really cool
when really it was me that was the main
trendsetter ` we always like being sophisticated and your wonderful mother (hi again marisa) agrees that i'm cosmopolitan
yorkshire sculpture park is so wonderful and im glad i got to share my first time going with you three girlies (especially you lucy whitehead this is your card after all) and the art gallery too even if you do know obscure facts about all the sculptures thanks to doing your photography course there oh wait that's another thing you're brilliant at everything i mean seriously it's really not fair man can't you at least be ugly or smell bad or something it's not fair i love you because we're both absolutely
disgusting creatures there may be attractive
males present whilst
you watch this so i didn't
put any really bad pictures of me on i hope that's ok you make me so and you help me when im i love you because we do stuff like this it's upside down whoops i love you because we are such an attractive couple i love you because
i can be myself around you and i think you
can do the same
around me and our holidays together are the best and once again, perf couple lets all ignore how fat i look on this plz so to sum up happy birthday
my wonderful girlfriend lots of love p.s. i would have got you brendon, but who wants this when you can have this i lied about the no
ugly thing sorry not sorry also us pariseet girls have to stick together also we used to do zumba which is literally my fave thing in the entire world
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