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Feasibility Pitch

No description

Beth Schneider

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Feasibility Pitch

ENLIGHTS Problem/ Pain
-People staying at home more
-Based on preference
not price
-self expression Opportunity Size
Curtain industry value= $700,000,000
.1%=$700,000 Benefits the
Market is seeking
-Curtains with integration of lights
-Customization Competitive
-Lights are inside the curtain
-Made to order
-Mobility Value Proposition
For home owners who want to express themselves through curtains
with lights, Enlights provides the lights
integrated inside the curtain. Unlike
other curtain manufacturers, Enlights
do no have any dangling or exposed
wires and the lights can be customized. -Lack of new innovation
- fabric patent

-Curtains with lights in the material

-Special Events Idea Source: rueters.com
foryourhome.com Source: statista.com Industry Trends/ Driver Key Partners Suppliers
Manufacturer Key Activities Order Processing
Marketing Key Resources IT Platform
Contracts Channels Website
t.v. (Home Show)
Home Shows
Home Magazines
Holiday Companies Customer
Relations Reviews
Social Media
Customization Value Proposition Problem: Lack of
Benefits: Customization
Easy to move/travel Customer Segments Home Owners
Special Event Planners Cost Revenue Supplies
Patent Fee
IT Platform Website Creation
Advertizing Cost
Salaries Sales
Ads on our site Money Needed to Launch Business Assets: $15,000
Operating Capital: $207,236
Total Funds Required: $222,236
Outside Financing Required: $177,789 Personnel Expenses: $9,052/month
Business Expenses: $23,870/month
Total Operating Expenses: $32,922/month $395,063/year Break-Even Sales: $638,582
-Will be reached by month 10
Total Income: $1,018,200
-Based on conservative estimates
Total Expenses: $796,986
Net Operating Profit: $221,214
-$748,583 by end of year 3 Expenses Profits
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