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New York Colony

it is for a school presentation in history and i hope you like it

Kari hooker

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of New York Colony

New York Colony
By: Jillian Vierra, Kari Hooker, and Isabelle Harper
When Was it Founded?
Why Was it Founded?
The purpose for founding was for trading, beaver furs, and money. They were looking for Asia when they accidentally found what is now called New York. Director General Peter Stuyvesant was forced to surrender the colony when the Duke of York attacked Manhattan Island. Peter Minuit was the famous man who originally founded New York, but he named it New Amsterdam and it stayed that way until the Duke of York took over in 1664 and renamed it New York.
Major Challenges
Some of the major challenges in New York were hunger and disease. But one of the biggest challenges was the Revolutionary War. During the war they were fighting to keep the land from the British.
Economy and Resources
They have a lot of resources like:
lumber trading
slave trade
trading with indians
indentured servants
The New York government consisted of Sir Edmund Andros, Peter Minuit, and Peter Stuyvesant. Peter Minuit was the original founder of New York, but he named it New Amsterdam. He became the first government leader. Peter Stuyvesant then led the colonists to New Amsterdam and therefore became the second leader of the government.
Interesting Facts
New York City was the first capital of the United States after the Constitution was ratified in 1788. On April 30, 1789, George Washington was inaugurated as the nation’s first president at Federal Hall, located on Wall Street. Hudson was a British explorer who had been hired by the Dutch West India Company to find a shorter route to India. He did not find it, but when he returned to Amsterdam and reported what he saw to his employers, they were interested.
Interesting Facts
When word got out about what Hudson had found, colonists from all over Europe filtered into New Nether land. Not many Dutch were among the first colonists. Because the standard of living was so good in The Netherlands, there was no reason to leave. However, the Dutch West India Company wanted to send its own group of colonists to set up trading posts.
Flag of New York Colony
Map of New York Colonies
It was founded in 1626 by Peter Minuit, Peter Stuyvesant, and the Dutch, on the Manhattan Island. Peter Stuyvesant led the colony to New York. Also Peter Minuit was the original founder.
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