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Calley Niblett

on 20 June 2010

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Transcript of PlayScience

Industry according to the M2M conference... Public Opinion Research PlayScience interview Methodology
two-page questionnaire
18 questions
via E-mail, phone and one-on-one interviews
29 respondents Research Findings
parents with children ages ranging from 1 1/2 to 22 years old
majority of respondents....
23 out of 29 respondents
more the half of respondents
all respondents...
parents look for certain characteristics

Communication Plan Objective 2 To generate awareness of PlayScience among consumers by December 2010.
Maintain an up-to-date Twitter account

Create a PlayScience Facebook fan page

Create a PlayScience YouTube account
Pitch story to two major national newspapers including The New York Times and the LA Times
Develop, test, promote and distribute a “PlayScience App” for the Apple iPhone/iTouch using the Apple Developer Program

Objective 1 To obtain four new clients within
the media industry by December 2010.
Schedule “PlayChat” sessions to be held on the
PlayScience Web site once a month

Create a pitch letter to present to the
National Public Radio for its program,
“Science Friday”

Schedule a guest appearance on national
morning news shows, The Today Show
and Good Morning America
Objective 3 To establish and maintain as many new relationships with academia who have an interest in children and family media by December 2010.
Create a bubble-themed brochure that will be distributed by Alison Bryant at the ICA, NCA and AEJMC conferences

Write and distribute a follow-up E-mail blast that will be sent to PlayScience’s existing contacts as well as potential academic partners

Rent an interactive projector to be used for entertainment as well as promotion for the PlayScience brand, that will be presented at the AEJMC conference.

Digital media usage Logo-imprinted, jump drive bracelets will be distributed at the ICA conference. These jump drives will advertise PlayScience and will serve as an informational tool. Place an advertisement in the AEJMC and the ICA conference programs. The ad will contain general information about PlayScience. Questions? More than half of respondents... Parents look for the following characteristics
in a research organization
Unbiased research
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