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Aliens and UFOs

No description

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Aliens and UFOs

Are we alone?
Have you ever wondered if there was life on other planets?

I sure have! In fact I have wondered for a good amount of my life about UFO's.
Essential Question 1
How many planets have we discovered that can sustain life?
Essential Question 2
Where have most UFO sightings been reported in the United States?

UFOs have been reported all over the world. I chose to study UFO sightings from the United States. The state that has the most sightings is Califorinia.
Essential Question 3
What is the Govenment's opinion of aliens and UFOs?

I think the government does belive in aliens, but they are hiding it.
Aliens and UFOs
Some UFO styles
The Top States with UFO Sightings
You are here
Studies have suggested that there could be 60 billion planets that are capable of
Studies have suggested that there could be 60 billion planets that are capable of
Most habitable planets have been found around Red Dwarf stars, which are the most common star type. Red Dwarf stars are cooler than most other stars making their Habitable Zone much larger than other stars.
The Habitable Zone is defined as the region where a planet is the perfect distance from it's star to keep liquid water on the surface, which is a requirment for life.
The Habitable Zone
Red Dwarfs
Roswell is a town in New Mexico. On June 8th 1947 an air born object fell from the sky and hit a ranch near the town. The government claimed that it was a surveillance balloon, but the Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release stating that personnel from the field recovered a flying disk.
In Woodbridge England an Air Force officer reported seeing bright lights in the forest near the Air Force base. When he got closer he saw a dark, metallic, triangular craft with symbols on it. After some time the craft flew away at high speeds.
Astronauts from 1973's Skylab 3 were days from returning to Earth when Owen Garriott saw something out his window. He described it as having a strange shape and to be glowing orange. They said that the object followed their craft around the planet to Earth's night side. They also took several pictures as the object followed them.
Woodbridge, England
Earth's Atmosphere
Fun Facts
Most people who claim to have seen UFOs describe them as flying disks with bright lights.

When scientists got a first look at Mars, they saw strange crevices that looked like roads or rivers and a rock formation that looked like a face.
Map of Mars
Area Of Interaction
I chose Human Ingenuity for my AOI. I chose this AOI because people have different reactions to the belief in aliens and UFOs.
On October 29th and 30th a mysterious, bright light was sighted in the
south-western sky over Bakersfield, California.
A California Sighting
On February 2, 1942 the Air Raid Wardens sighted a giant UFO sitting above Santa Monica, California. The Army's 37th Coast Artillery Brigade and many other witnesses looked up and were shocked by the sight.
sustaining life!!!
sustaining life!!!
Another California Sighting
An example of the rivers or roads
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