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Copy of Untitled Prezi

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Xueying Jiang

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

o inspire children Hoang Thi Ha Linh 1200645
Nguyen Diem Hang 1200670
Kou Man Ieng 1200501
Jiang Xueying 1000985
Zhang Yuxin 1000984 Customer journey Introduction customer loyalty program "core" target group contact strategy Target and metrics why possible? building customer loyalty program buy me to you bear, receive Burberry gift 1 year partner with Burberry company to provide all inclusive offer. & Children as Burberry's customers http://fi.burberry.com/store/childrenswear/ Burberry's Campaign in 2009 using Teddy as a gift Company: Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd
Product: Me To You Bear. Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd as a strong brand in toy and gift business Introduction Me to You Bears (also known as Tatty Teddy) is the brand name of a collection of teddy bears made by a British company named Carte Blanche Greetings Ltd. A global brand created in 1995 Signature character: a grey bear with a blue nose and patches. Me to You Bears including plush teddies, figurines, home accessories, jeweleries, gifts and clothing in different occasion. Vision Building a business is all about people and products.
------Stephen Haines Target (current) Global Reach: Explore burgeoning markets in new territories, and offering market-specific products which are tailored to meet cultural preferences and sensitivities. Target group: children
Age: 0-12 years old
Gender: boys and girls
Area: United Kingdom - In that age ranges, children will want to own their personal dolls especially for girls
- Lots of parents will use bear to teach children how to take care other people and make the good habits
- Satisfy the needs of safe feelings for children Reasons The core target group Demographic - potential consumers : Children, parents or business company
- Regions of consumers: United Kingdom
- Age: 0-12 years old, especially for girls Organizational - Values and attitudes: high value qualities and security Psychological - Motivation: product quality, price and special service for customers Analyze the core target group communication based program Magazines for Kids brochures services based program Burberry Voucher for VIP customers Tatty Teddy Exhibition Ticket Tatty Teddy visit you at school experience based program try it on Strategy TV commercials - Core contact strategy Where? o Home o School o amusement park How? o TV commercials - Walt Disney o Internet o banners, display ads DISPLAY ADS TV COMMERCIALS EVENTS http://www.metoyouinternational.com/ o Walt Disney o collecting data
-> predictive measurement o frequently refresh campaigns o commercials between cartoons o competition/ randomly appear on Disney o cost effective "Me to you" continues to grow
- An ever-evolving lifestyle brand
- To explore burgeoning markets in new territories Across a diverse range of new
product genres and distribution
channels Greeting cards, plush, clothing, gifts, figurines and confectionery, etc. Products information, stories, videos, photos and games in website.

Shopping online

New York, Sydney, Delhi, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg or Moscow.

Carte Blanche Group has offices in Australia and Hong Kong, as well as a network of international agents. Target and metrics Thank you 04.12.2013 SHOPS + RETAILERS CUSTOMERS UK's laws about children and advertising http://www.ppu.org.uk/chidren/advertising_toys_eu.html - UK do not consider advertising aimed at children as harmful. -Restrictions for ads that bring harm to children physically, mentally, morally' and ads employing methods that 'take advantage of the natural credulity and sense of loyalty of children. -Rules on food advertising, health, hygiene, safety and decency and restrictions on transmission time. Forever Friends Company
Similiar styles, looking of bears and customer services to
" Me to You Company"

Paddington Bear Company
Deeply impression and images from children's
literatures at UK

Beanie Baby Company
Focus on the marketing strategies of small retailers, limited poduction and reasonable price.

core competitors
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