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Brest, France

No description

Alicia Binn

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Brest, France

Brest, France Alicia Binn Brittany Region
Finistère department
Neighboring cities: Rennes, Cherbourg, Quimper

Location •Built on the slope of two hills, intersected by Penfeld River
•Inlet of the Atlantic Ocean
•Loire River, Blavet River, and River Vilaine
•Massif Armoricain
•Natural resource: coal Geography •Winter/Fall: cold temperatures, high precipitation, •Summer/Spring: Mild temperatures, less precipitation
•Mild, ocean climate, rainfall, periods of wind
•High level of sunlight Weather •Under English rule until 1694
•1631: Cardinal Richelieu constructed Brest’s first harbor, eventually before base for the French Navy
•1917: World War I- Brest was used as a port for troops to come through
•World War II- Germans established bases and used the harbor for battleships, city was destroyed during the Battle of Brest History Foreign Influences The Breton language is a Celtic language brought to Brittany by the English, Gaelic influence Sights Monument: Tanguy castle- oldest monument, medieval tower
Historical site: Château de Brest- oldest castle in the world still in use
Oceanopolis- one of Europe's largest penguin aquariums
National Navy Museum
Traditions Known for commercial ports, Brest Arsenal, and Pont de Recouvrance
Les Tonnerres de Brest- tall ship meeting
Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest- annual short film festival- 1982
Paris- Brest - Paris bicycle event
Famous People Pierre Brice- actor
Alain Robbe- Grillet- writer/ film maker
Beatrice Dalle- actress Food breton crepe, breton apple cider, Traou Mad (traditional biscuit)
seafood Cost of Living Round trip Philadelphia to Brest = $1198
Hotel Oceania Brest Center (1 week)= $973
Food, tourism, transportation= $846
Total = $3017 Population: 144899 Extra Transportation: ferry, railroads (Gare de Brest) , highway, international airport (Brest Bretagne Airport) Facts 1. Francois Cuillandre is the current mayor
2. Stade Brestois 29 is a famous soccer team in Brest
3. The region Brittany has 800 islands and inlets
4. Brest was the first French port that Americans had access to.
5. Brest has a coat of arms that is half France and half Brittany
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