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No description

Jonah Hicks

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Hypertrichosis

What is Hypertrichosis?
Hypertrichosis is a disease where the person has excessive hair growth over and above the normal age, sex and race for the person.
It can develop all over the body and in small patches.
Females have male hair growth distribution patterns.
Congenital hypertrichosis lanuginosa is rare syndrome that causes kids to be hairy at birth. Only 50 cases have been reported since the middle ages.
People with Hypertrichosis will feel depress and not get too much.
Who does it affect?
Hypertrichosis can happen too almost anyone, doesn't matter race, gender or sex.
So it could happen to you or anyone you might know.
Where does it happen?
Hypertrichosis can happen any where in the world.
There is only about 50 cases reportedly diagnosed in the world.
People who this disorder can go to a laser hair removal place.
They can go to a cosmetic place to get a waxing or shaving.
Why does this disorder result in mutations?
Congenital hypertrichosis lanuginosa is possibly caused mutation of 8q chromosomes.
It could also be that spontaneous genetic mutation other than inheritance.
When does hypertrichosis happens?
Hypertrichosis appears after birth.
The side effects of drugs, having cancer or having an eating disorders can lead to hypertrichosis.
The treatment for hypertrichosis is pretty much hair removal.
There is appropriate way to remove all the hair off your body.
You can shave, wax, and chemical epilation.
You can get laser hair removal, it gives fewer side effects and lasts longer.
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