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Unit 4 Vis Comms - Advertising Templates

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Mark Dickson

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Unit 4 Vis Comms - Advertising Templates

Unit 4: Visual Communication
Advertising Templates
What are the 3 minimum requirements
for communication to take place?
'Made To Stick'
Chip & Dan Heath
Successful Messages need to be:
They also mention a research paper
carried out by Israeli scientists in 1999
The team looked at 200 award winning adverts and found that
of them could
be placed in to 6 categories
Even more significantly, they tested out their theory on 3 groups of design novices
The first group were given only the
product information and were tasked
with creating an advert for it
The second group used basic idea generating techniques (random associations) to help create their ads
The third group had 2 hours of training
using the advertising templates
The ads were independently evaluated by
professional advertisers
The group who had studied the templates
were unanimously voted the best quality
So, before I show you the templates,
you need to get into 4 groups of 3
The first 2 groups can begin creating advert ideas immediately for the product (I will tell you what the product is in a moment.)
The second 2 groups will be given
a random idea worksheet to use
to create your ads
Your product is...
The Nike Air trainer. Released in 1987, it was the first Nike trainer to display an Air cushioning unit that protects the foot from
the impact of the pavement.
Create concepts for an
advert for the Nike Air trainer that communicates this distinctive attribute
You have 15 minutes (once you are in your groups) to come up with a winning concept
The 6 fundamental templates
of quality ads
1. Pictorial Analogy
2. Extreme Situation
3. Extreme Consequences
4. Competition
5. Interactive Experiment
6. Dimensional Alteration
This is where the ad creates a dramatic situation and then makes a substitution between the product and another item with symbolic significance in order to illustrate the value or worth of the product.
The idea is to create an unexpected or surprising explanation of the value of the product through visual metaphor.
A similarity between like features of two things, on which a comparison may be based.
Analogy definition:
such as...
Example 1:
Smart car
The car is so compact,

you can park it anywhere
Symbol of a Stop sign at a gap in the wall
Example 2:
The car demands so
much respect, even
pigeons won't shit on it
Symbol of pigeons not sitting above the car
how it works
Neutralize plaque acids
Prevents bad breath
Balance the plaque
pH in the mouth
Extreme mint refreshment
Blows your head off
As cold as an iceberg
As refeshing as jumping
into a cold shower
Stops extreme dog breath
Gap in wall as Parking Space
Gap as Respect
Growing creatives as Growing crops
Dog coming from mouth as 'Dog breath'
A product is seen performing under extreme or unusual circumstances.
This template shows a product performing beyond the limits of normal use in order to exaggerate a key attribute or worth.
Extreme situation example 1
This may seem similar to the pictorial analogy, but it’s different because it requires no use of symbolism or analogy — it’s more straightforward in it’s extremity.
Extreme situation example 2
Extreme situation example 3
Extreme situation print ad 1
Super quick
drying time
Sharper than you think
Knife is so sharp, a fly is cut in half
when it lands on it
Points out unexpected consequences of a product attribute.
This template shows the exaggerated results of either using the product or the exaggerated consequences of not using it.
Consequence of wearing a Wonderbra
Consequence of NOT using Listerine
A product is seen winning in a competition with another product, often in an unusual situation.
PC Versus Mac
Viewers interact with the product directly
This is where you show some attribute of the product or service by altering the environment. A classic example is this old-school headline for a faster cruise ship:

“Starting next tuesday, the Atlantic ocean becomes only one-fifth as long”
Smoking causes premature ageing
Dimensional Alteration example
'The Fundamental Templates of Quality Ads.'
Example 3:
Beer as cream
That's right eh Caress??
Wesfield Shopping Centres - Reliable fashion brands for over 100 years
Your Nike task?
As a whole group, use the templates to come up with 3 new ways of promoting the Nike Air trainer
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