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First Three

No description

Thomas Wheeler

on 28 March 2018

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Transcript of First Three

Applying it to the core text
You now need to apply this same reasoning and analysis to our core text, Dracula.

An unseen would ask you for a 'critical appreciation' of the extract - so what better way to start our study of Dracula?
Dates Revealed
How did your sequence compare with the real one?

How do the texts fit in to their respective time periods?

What are the foci of the texts and do they match the anxieties you found for the times?
Time Team
In your new groups, each of you will have knowledge of a different text. Using that knowledge, and your timelines that you have brought in, see if you can draft a chronological order for your texts, giving examples and evidence for your points.
Into Groups
You will need to find your name on one of the extracts placed around the room.

Once found, bring all of your stuff and get ready for the remainder of the session.
First Three
What are the first three techniques you would look for to establish whether a text is 'gothic' or not?
Handling the Unknown
texts and to apply them to
Pinning it Down
What core Gothic features do you think, as a group, that your extract is demonstrating?

See if you can identify the focus of the text, perhaps the anxieties it is expressing and what makes it a gothic text.
L.O. - To develop skills
in analysing unseen
the introduction of Dracula
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