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suyeon lee

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Company introduction - Open: March 2001
- Site area: 56,198,600㎡
- 2nd in international cargo traffic
(4million five hundred thousand/ ton)
- 12th in international passenger traffic
(35million passengers)
- Vision: Global airport leader creating
the difference
- Ranked 1st in the Airport Service Quality
(ASQ) survey for 7 straight years since
2005- Rate of annual growth: 11% Vision 0f 2015 What do customers need? Issue Identification Incheon
Airport Company introduction
Issue identification
Vision of 2015
Competitive Environment (SWOT analysis)
Potential projects identification Contents Six Sigma For *Incheon International Airport Vision Strategies How to survive in the competitiveenvironment? + = CSFS * Major customers:- Foreigner visitors- Native visitors- Tourist- Businessman- Payload specialist * Needs:

- Leave & arrive on time
- Fast departure formalities
- Free Baggage Allowance
- Places for relaxation
- Many duty free shopping space
- Convenient public transportation systems Competitive Environment SWOT analysis Sustainable and stable operating systemThe highest level of service capabilitiesExcellent commercial facility profitabilityAccumulated airport construction / operational planning and management capabilities Rising brand value due to ASQ 7 win The centered demand structure of domestic nationalitySlowing growth in distribution, insufficiency of shipping hubHigh tax-free income dependenceExpensive facilities management costsManagement disadvantaged in the competitive environment Northeast Asia such as China rapidly grow in aviation demandExpand of flying liberalization and integrated aviation marketExpansion of LCC marketDiffusion of a new airport paradigm The rapid growth of China airportLower potential of domestic demand than competitorsExpansion of international terminal of Gimpo Airport and Haneda AirportClimate change, carbon emissions regulations
Reducing travel time from airport to destination The Pain Goals: Reduce the time
as finding proper route using application, helper. Why now?
Most foreign people don’t know where they can take taxi or bus complex transportation system from Incheon to Seoul Just only one information center Who: Traveler who don’t know how to go to some place in Korea.
Business person who have time limit.

In what ways: so many transportation system from Incheon to Seoul The Goal The rationale Potential projects identification Project#1: Potential projects identification
Waiting time due to security check in the front of procedure The Pain Goals: Shift the place for security check in front of gate Why now?

Current security system before procedure

Small number of counter for many customer Who: waiting people for procedure

In what ways: long time during procedure The Goal The rationale Project#2: How many? How much? Potential projects identification
Recover the lower part in 2012 world airport awards, especially restaurant part The Pain Goals: Make new hot dining place. Why now?
Korean people’s characteristic is fast so there are so many fast food in airport Who: Customer who want to use high quality service

In what ways: we don’t receive dining part award The Goal The rationale Project#3: Lee Kyung Hee
Lee Ja Hye
Lee Su Yeon
Choi Seo Jin
Choi Jung Hyun Thank you
For your listening. Group Member
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