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Problems in Multicultural Education

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lian dumlao

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of Problems in Multicultural Education

One of the major difficulties we face in the education of culturally diverse students is reconciling or accommodating differing cultural orientations
Learning Style

Learning style is simply different approach or way of learning that is part of their cultural upbringing.

There are 3 types of learning style
visual, auditory and tactile/ kinesthetic learners.
Problems in Multicultural Education
The importance of education to children from diverse cultures poses complications for teachers
Because the dominant culture values competition, a common educational assumption is that learning should proceed with children working on their own. Most instructional support materials, such as programmed texts, learning labs, computer-assisted instruction, and independent study projects, are developed for individuals rather than groups and attempt to motivate them by games and are rewarded with gold stars, Happy Face stamps, and special privileges.
In many cultures, preferences for individuality and competition are absent. Competition and individual excellence may be conspicuous in play, but cooperation is the norm in learning situations.
The typical teaching mode is for teachers to talk and students to listen and in the studies it is revealed that in the dominant American culture, teachers do over 75% of the talking and they are never to interrupt the teacher or another student who is speaking and are expected to raise their hands and receive the teacher’s permission before they speak.
Speaker- listener relationship
Language Diversity
We use language and the impact that language has upon us are subject to cultural diversity
In the United States today, language diversity in the classroom is another problem that at times seems overwhelming
Even when students have knowledge of the English language, the almost exclusive use of mainstream American English in United States schools may create cultural conflicts because the languages they have known since birth are ignored or repressed. This create learning obstacle for children who have developed phonological fluency in a language other than English
Nonverbal Behavior
Diversity in nonverbal behavior may also affect learning in multicultural education setting. Unless teachers are familiar with the nonverbal behaviors associated with their student’s cultures, they may not know how to interpret them.
raising hands
snapping their fingers.
eye contact
head nods
Nonverbal Behavior
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