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Panera Bread- Strategic Mngt

No description

Ariana McTamney

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of Panera Bread- Strategic Mngt

Strategy Recommendations

Our Vision
The team will focus on setting objectives for Panera Bread that will allow continued growth, new revenue, a strengthened supply chain, and an enhanced globalization plan.
What if Panera did nothing?
If Panera did nothing it will limit Panera's ability to grow and inhibit Panera from achieving benefits from a number of significant transaction-driving initiatives.
Idea 4
"If You Can't Come to Panera, We Will Bring Panera to You"
Idea 5
Describe the current situation
Describe the desired state
Our long-term solutions include a separate catering division, creation of a new business unit, a new training program for employees, implementation of an empowerment program for employees, strengthened supply chain, expedited globalization strategy.
Potential Revenue
Challenges and opportunities
Eliminating the throughput and customer service problems to enable Panera Bread to expand its target market, and create additional revenue streams.
Operational friction including capacity and throughput constraints
A less desirable dining experience for customers
Reduced efficiencies in kitchen areas
Loss of revenue due to lack of customer satisfaction (inefficient services)
Idea 7
Idea 6
Exclusive Partnership with Choice Hotels & Suites.
Short Term Goals
Long Term Goals
As of now, Panera Bread food products are on shelves at selected locations such as Target, Shoprite and Sam's Club.
Live Consciously. Eat Deliciously.
Idea 3
Idea 5
Panera Bread Kiosks
Ordering Food Just Became a Whole Lot Easier!
Diminish Long Lines
Reduce Customer Wait Time
Increase Productivity
By Incorporating ...
The Key
to Globalization?
Panera Bread
Where Positive Differences
For a Better Tomorrow
Can Be Made
Empowerment Program
for Employees:
Panera Bread
Pizzeria Franchises
The Exclusive Panera Bread App
Yes, there is a Panera Bread Application, but let's take it to the next level.
Panera Bread App facts
"Panera needs an app that will give consumers access to their "MyPanera" accounts."
As of now, consumers have four options for ordering on their phone:
Rapid Pick-Up; Delivery; Catering; Dine-In.
This is a great method and can greatly reduce traffic during busy hours, BUT the app is available solely for participating Panera Bread Cafes that are testing the service in certain cities within Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, and South Carolina.
Now lets take it to the next level
Each Panera Cafe will have have three of the four ordering options available to consumers if not all four.
By making the app available to all consumers
it will allow consumers to place an order and pay online on their mobile device. Once the order is placed and paid for, customers can pick up their food at the Rapid Pick-up shelf at the time and day they request.
Business Consulting Group
Through Vision, We Triumph Success
And Here is Our Strategic Plan
for Panera Bread.
What do these Pictures all have in Common?
Consumer Complaints:
By: Ariana McTamney
Douglas Taylor
Westley Ellison
Connie Shyka
Ceasar Chay

No Preservatives No GMO's
Idea 1
Idea 6
Idea 2
Idea 7
Idea 1
Idea 2
Idea 3
Idea 4
The installation of the ordering kiosk system will eliminate the need for personnel at a cash register. This employee can now be utilized as a much needed greeter to direct patrons through the ordering process. This will eliminate the confusion that new customers and our team experienced when visiting Panera Bread Café locations.
Panera Bread will offer signature sandwiches for regions of the country. For instance, the north Eastern United States will serve sandwiches with an Italian flavor while the North West can add the often requested seafood sandwiches to its menu. The South West can add sandwiches with a Mexican flair, while the Deep South can satisfy regional taste by adding barbecue to its offerings.
Signature Sandwiches
Place menu signs on the outside of restaurant to help expedite the ordering process for the customer. This will give customers the ability to decide on their dining choices before reaching the ordering kiosk.
Our plan is to increase throughput in all Panera Bread Cafes by empowering Panera Bread associates. Panera will evaluate and implement employee plans and suggestions to redesign their work area in a way that will increase productivity and throughput. Panera Bread will offer financial incentives and reward the location that has the most improved service and throughput. By using the new kiosk technology, Panera headquarters can continue to evaluate the effectiveness of these plans.
Price Deals including daily specials. Panera Cafes can offer a daily sandwich special and a soup of the day. Panera can also expand their target market by offering senior discounts at selected times and days of the week.
Reducing the requirement for new franchisees to develop new locations by reducing the percentage by 50 percent to put Panera Breads expansion plan back on track. The percentage of expansion that Panera Bread would lose by implementing this plan would be exceeded by the additional number of potential franchisees.
This will allow Panera Bread to proceed with its plan to increase the catering divisions by 30 percent, without impacting foot traffic in the eat-in restaurant divisions. This will allow Panera Bread to utilize all labor at Panera Bread Cafes for servicing its eat-in customers. This plan also gives the Panera Bread catering managers the opportunity to be more focused in their responsibilities. The Panera Catering division will have the ability to service business and corporations, by filling and delivering large lunch orders each day. Panera Catering can fax their daily menu to companies each week, listing a minimum quantity to qualify for delivery.
Development of a new business unit for Panera Bread Catering including building separate locations to service all catering orders.
As suggested to our team by Deptford manager Eric Riddell, Panera Bread will provide a retraining program for each employee after they complete 90 days of work. The additional training is needed after the employee has experienced working with the public and will complement the six week computer and textbook training provided to all new hires.
The team has identified some weaknesses in Panera Bread’s supply chain that have potential to impact future revenue. The most serious threat is that of the hormone and antibiotic free chicken market, which has also been identified by Panera Bread in its 2012 report to stockholders.

With the current shortage of suppliers for this product, Panera Bread must use a backwards integration strategy in this area. Panera Bread must invest in the all-natural antibiotic free chicken business. This gives Panera the ability to control price and supply, and also can create a new revenue stream if Panera Bread chooses to supply other businesses.
The team suspects some of the important core concepts that were born with Panera Bread, which include high quality and great customer’s service have been lost. In the meantime, Panera’s growth has led to problems in throughput, customer service, food quality, and loss of revenue due to Panera’s inability to serve customers in a timely manner.

Panera Bread needs to institute a quality assurance program which includes ongoing surprise inspections at all Panera Bread locations to ensure Panera management that its restaurants are performing in accordance to Panera Bread’s high standards. Such a program will contribute to Panera Bread’s continued success.
Panera Bread will take advantage of a franchising opportunity by developing a division for new Panera Bread Pizzerias. This business unit will offer opportunities for potential franchisees who don’t have the resources to open the Panera Bread Cafes, but who are seeking investment with a reputable well established company.
The team feels a partnership with a large and successful hotel franchise could expedite the globalization process. Forming a partnership with the Choice Hotel chain to include a Panera Bread Café in each of the proposed 17 new hotels opening outside of the United States in 2014 would satisfy and exceed Panera Bread’s global expansion plan. The advantage of teaming with a business who is experienced in international relations will save Panera Bread the needed investment of time and money required for preparation of doing business in a foreign market.
Expansion of product line sold in grocery stores including refrigerated Panera Bread dough, frozen cookie dough, and all natural Panera Bread chips. This will provide name recognition to new areas where no Panera bread Cafes exists.
Install touch screen ordering system to expedite ordering process and throughput, and reduce wait times. This system will include selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The selections will include options for hot and cold sandwiches, sandwich toppings, condiments, and pricing. This system will also allow Panera to monitor and measure how well each establishment is servicing its customers.
Panera Bread Awareness
"Make Today Better"

by donating a $1.00 to End Hunger in America
Bob the Panera Bread Baker will be a new spokesperson for Panera Bread. Bob, with his enthusiastic and light hearted sense of humor will appear in TV commercials, magazine ads, and be featured on billboards. Bob will also participate in the grand openings of new stores. Bob will promote Panera Bread’s chemical free fresh ingredients.
Made from recycled and recyclable Materials
Make Today Better
Panera Bread will begin selling wristbands to promote awareness for hunger in America. Wristbands featuring Panera Bread’s new slogan
“Make Today Better”
will be sold for one dollar at all Panera Bread Locations. All wristbands are made of recycled and recyclable materials. All proceeds will go to the Panera Bread
“We Care”

Using social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Panera Bread will run a contest called
“Get your Best Picture of You and Panera Bread.”
Submit your photos to these social media sites. Prizes, including gift certificates for Panera Bread Cafes will be awarded monthly.

The Best of Panera

While Panera’s current sophisticated ads that appear on Hallmark, Bravo and A&E have large appeal to the female audience, Panera Bread will produce new commercials while keeping Panera Breads high standards, but adding humor to attract middle class males. This strategy will be used and incorporated on sport Channels, and male dominated markets such as Comedy Central, Spike, AMC, Discovery Channel, and ESPN. This advertising plan will be used to expand Panera’s reach. Panera Bread can also appeal to baby boomers, by advertising senior discounts (65 and over) on Monday’s and Tuesday’s for early bird specials. Panera Bread can also use celebrity endorsements using young stars like Disney’s Zendeya as an advantage to attract teens. This will make Panera Bread the “Cool” place to be seen.

Place advertisement
in new and different markets
Panera Bread representatives’ will promote new products as demos to customers at grocery stores. In addition, the new grocery store products will be promoted digitally, on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Products will also be advertised on TV, billboards, and the radio using the slogan:

“If You Can’t Come to Panera, We Will Bring Panera to You.”

Advertising New Products
Celebrity Endorsements
To Consider
Cesar Chay
Cesar Chay joined the Visonaires in 2011. Cesar has a MBA from Drexel University. Cesar gained experience as Director of Restaurant Operations while employed with Palace Resorts International. Palace Resorts run the largest chain of all-inclusive resorts in the world.

Westley Ellison
Westley Ellison has been with the Visionaires just over a year. Westley graduated with a Masters in engineering at the MIT, with a focus in architecture and structural engineering. Westley gained restaurant experience as a structural engineer with D&L Food Service Design in Brick NJ. D&L has completed restaurant design for establishments like Italy’s Best, Sardi’s Restaurant, and The Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City.

Ariana McTamney
Ariana McTamney joined the Visionaires since 2011 and is Director of Marketing. Ariana received her MBA from Harvard University. After graduation, Ariana gained experience working as Vice President of Marketing for General Mills Corporation.

Connie Shyka
Connie Shyka has been with the Visionaires for 7 years and is Director of Global Operations. Connie graduated from Stanford University with a master’s degree in Business Management, and gained skills in international affairs while directing the globalization plan for Gerresheimer Glass.

Douglas Taylor
Doug Taylor joined the Visionaires in 2008, and currently serves as Director of Finance. Doug graduated from Rider University. Doug is a Certified Public Accountant and prior to joining the Visionaires held the position of Controller at Cambells Soup Co.

Meet the Visionaires
The team has assembled a strategy that meets the objectives including alleviating the problem with long lines and slow throughput, increasing sale of franchised locations, expansion of the target market, and a solid plan to expedite Panera Bread’s globalization initiative. Further, the Visionaries have created advertising campaignes that will extend Panera Bread's brand name recognition, and create a fun new light hearted image that will appeal to larger segments of the population.

In addition, the team has proposed a plan to enhance and protect the supply chain, while creating new revenue streams by adding new products in grocery stores, and creation of a new business unit with additional franchising opportunities. This proactive approach will not only maintain Panera Breads position in the restaurant business, but create a fresh new image that will inhibit the competition’s ability to keep up with Panera Bread in today’s rapidly changing times.
The team visited the Panera Bread Café in Deptford NJ on two occasions, and had the opportunity to meet with the shift supervisor. The team also visited the Panera Bread café in Marlton NJ, which is managed by a different franchisee than the Deptford location. These visits revealed some serious problems with Panera Breads throughput and service to its customers. It also became apparent that new customers became confused with Panera Bread’s ordering process, had problems reading the signs (which are the only place the menu prices can be found) and in several cases left the restaurant without ordering. The team agreed that they did not feel the restaurant’s menu offered anything extraordinary, and that the menu prices were on the high side.
Grocery Line
Panera Bread Pizzeria Franchises
About My Panera
Each of you will receive a pre-authorized My Panera swipe card. This card rewards you for enjoying all of your favorites at Panera Bread. Just present your card every time you visit; Panera will swipe it, and once they get an idea of what bakery-café items you prefer, Panera will do its best to reward you with more surprises based on what you love.
What will you get? After becoming a member of My Panera, you can look forward to:
• Complimentary bakery-café items
• Exclusive previews and tastings
• Cooking and baking tips
• Invitations to special events
• Ideas for entertaining
• Recipe books
• And More!

Panera Bread Catering Division
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