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Play-by-Post Role-Playing: A Team Sport

No description

Julie Landry

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Play-by-Post Role-Playing: A Team Sport

= Play-by-Post Role-Playing: A Team Sport What's in a name? Play-by-post (PBP)
Play-by-email (PBEM)
Play-by-mail (PBM)
Play-by-wiki (PBW)
Online text-based role-playing game
Role-playing game (RPG)
Role-play (RP) No standardized term exists - for the purposes of this presentation, I will use "play-by-post" or PBP.

It most accurately describes this particular practice. Terms of Use,
Use of Terms But Role-playing Makes You Awesome! Most can be said for PBP role-playing as well! The Rising Popularity... Of FanFiction and Role-Playing PBP Role-playing... is an interactive reading and writing experience.

At its most basic, two or more role-players adopt foreign personas and act out scenes in writing together as those characters.

The point is to see into the heart of a person, place, or time otherwise out of reach.

Participants create a story over which they have only partial control as it unfolds in front of them. PBP Role-Playing and Novel Writing
are NOT the Same Collaboration means sacrificing ideas
Collaboration means discovery and surprise
Collaboration means synthesis, creating something together that no one can alone The Question Can PBP role-playing be an art form? Why PBP CAN be art: PBP games should not be compared to typically accepted forms of art - they are amateur by nature and abide by different standards.

This amateurism and the display of authorial development IS the artistic aspect of the game.

Like fanfiction, PBP borrows frequently from other sources. And like fanfiction, the main purpose is to become in touch with the motives of the characters.

In classical writing, creativity with language and technique takes a higher priority. Drawbacks to PBP Games Stories are highly addictive
Posting rate bows to the schedules of the whole group
Games fail if participation fails
Players take characters' actions personally In Conclusion Role-players experience better empathy, improvise more efficiently, and work together more effectively than non-role-players. Though it might be encountered under many different names, PBP role-playing bridges gaps between several forms of creation and communication, acting as an entirely unique form of writing and mental pursuit. Considering its evolution beside fanfiction and the recent mainstream popularity of such fanfictions, it stands to reason that PBP role-playing might also enter mainstream culture as a developmental art form. Role-Players Also Learn To Follow Rules Create flawed, realistic characters
Let the game CHANGE your character
Participate in the goals of the group
Engage other characters
Leave openings for other characters Such As:
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