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Untitled Prezi

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Mariana Ursu

on 27 February 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

It was already the 11th of January when we got the cards from Lithuania and we were very happy, as we were waiting for them for a very long time.
Secondly we've got the cards from 2 institutions from Taiwan.
Our partners: The USA, Russia, The Ukraine, India, Lithuania and Taiwan
In October I started looking for partners.
In November my students began making the cards.
In December our holiday card were on the way to our partners.
First we've got the cards from the USA. It was Thursday, December 17th.
We were very glad to hear that they also have got our cards.
And they also got ours.
We hope our friends from Lithuania are well and they also got our cards.
The greetings from our Russian friends had arrived by the end of December. We were extremely joyful to hear that they have got our cards in time, too.
All my students liked he project very much. I hope it would become a tradition to exchange the Holiday Cards with the world.
The project gave students the opportunity to develop their imagination, responsibility and critical thinking in the process of making the cards. They also gained knowledge and formed attitudes towards the culture of the partner countries, developed their abilities of writing various types of texts in English.
I have displayed the cards we had got from our partners, making a wall in my English classroom.
It is not the end. The world is very large.
Our Holiday cards must reach everywhere.
We want the world to know about us, about Moldova.
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