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Wings of Kiehl's

L'Oreal Brandstorm

Edvard Boguslavskij

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Wings of Kiehl's

What's out there?
Shaving and beard:
razors, pre-shaver's and after-shaver's
Hair care and styling:
shampoo, conditioner, hair styling products, hair coloring products
Body care:
body wash/lotion, gel, bar soap
Facial skin care:
moisturizer, cleanser, scrub, acne treatment products, sun care products, eye protection, anti-aging
Source: ipsos, 2012
What's out there?
Shaving and beard:
hot lather shave, lather shave, beard trim
Hair care and styling:
haircut, hair coloring, hair treatments
Body care:
hair removal, lazor depilatory service, waxing, tanning services, massage, manicure/pedicure, foot treatment
Skin care:
cleansing treatment, acne treatment, anti-aging treatment
Source: https://www.groominglounge.com/
What's trending?
The biggest market globally in men's skin care sales
Source: Men's grooming report, July 2013
South Korea
Increasing endorsements from male Korean celebrities
Increasing resurgents and salons providing grooming services for men
Men's skin care expected to post a constant CAGR of 7%, 2012-17, internationally
What's trending?
Hydration and refreshing feeling still dominant attributes
Source: Euromonitor Men's grooming report, forecast 2009-14
Hong Kong
Endorsements from male celebrities driving value sales
P&G HK leads with 27% value share
Lab Series for Men rely on successful WOM recommendations
What's trending?
Men's grooming sales are forecasted to grow by 4% in constant value terms, 2009-14
Source: Euromonitor Men's grooming report, forecast 2009-14
P&G remain as the industry leader with about 30% of the market
Brand loyalty is higher among men rather than women (shaving and shower products)
The industry for men's grooming is dominated by international brands
What's trending?
Men's skin care is the most dynamic segment with the growth of 12%, including men's make-up products, such as concealers, eye-liners, which are now available under premium brands
Source: Euromonitor Men's grooming report, forecast 2009-14
United Kingdom
Key players in grooming: Gillette (34%), Unilever (23%)
Metrosexual men are branching out even further and even more manly men are entering the category of men's skin care
Men's grooming tends to follow women trend: male depilatories demonstrated a consistent growth
What's trending?
Male products offering cosmetic benefits, such as concealers and moisturizers, already available in the market, will be an area for marketers to attract the attention of males
Source: Kline USA, Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry report, 2013
United States
Luxury facial treatment products are expected to grow
Natural ingredients are more likely to be used in facial treatments
Men feel less embarrassed while shopping for men's skin care products
What's trending?
Men favor more beauty treatments and products, the attitudes towards masculinity are changing
Source: Still Pampering? Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Global Spa and Beauty Industry, 2010-2015
Aspiration for a work-life balance, lifestyle focused attitude
Innovation and technological development in skin care products
Changing environmental conditions: climate, ''war on waste'', depleting water resources, focus on sustainability
Growth opportunities
The desire to look young is increasing among aging population and the KGOY phenomenon is opening a new market of tweens and teens
Source: Still Pampering? Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Global Spa and Beauty Industry, 2010-2015
Franchise chains will continue to expand benefitting from the services and equipment, lower overheads and higher quality standards
Emerging markets, such as China and India, hold significant potential for salon chains, as a growing middle class of consumers seeks quality products and services
Source: Still Pampering? Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Global Spa and Beauty Industry, 2010-2015
Industry saturation and the growth of chains will lead to inevitable demands to many small operators
The majority of the population of emerging markets are still on very low income, and barriers for entry for lower chains and imports are high
Older people may feel intimidated by the SPA environment and need to be educated and encouraged to try new treatments
Distribution channels
Source: Kline USA report for Cosmetics and Toiletries, 2012
49% of men's skin care products are sourced to department stores
Internet retailing is a major part of direct sales and growing at a rate of 26% per year
Direct sales channel is the leading distribution channel in the skin care product class 22,1 % (2012)
Flagship stores are not generally common in the beauty market
Source: Brand internet homepages
- ''from warriors to modern men'', cater to the luxury segment, important customer feelings
Lab Series
- ''work hard, play hard, look better'', simple, educational, wide spectrum of products, diversified lifestyle
- pharmaceutical appearance, quality ingredients, targets every skin type and tone
Jack Black
- ''superior skin care'', environmentally friendly, easy to wear, fast absorbing, masculine aesthetic
- ''best of british'', natural ingredients, openness and transparency, straight forward
Understanding consumer
Source: USA Men's Grooming Segmentation Report, 2013
Low involved consumer
Age 45-54, lives in a medium sized city, married with kids (2+), average income
Upper mass brands, traditional, designer fragrances and professional hair care services
Shop in traditional and discount department stores, frequent users of fragrance, regual users of body care and shaving products
Averagely involved in media, works out, but not daily
Understanding consumer
Source: USA Men's Grooming Segmentation Segmentation, 2013
High involved consumer
Age 25-34, lives in a big city, married or has a girlfriend, above average income
Most used product categories: facial skin care, styling, fragrance
Daily users of body care and shaving products, enjoy shopping, shop in specialty and department stores
Willing to pay premium price, involved with smaller niche brands, uses social media and smartphone to interact with brands
Source: Compiled material
Rich heritage (dating back to 1851, as pharmacy), strong parent company - L'Oreal
Large male client base, unlike competition (almost half of purchases are done by men)
Focus on excellence in customer's service and retail experience
Customer centric policies, generous sampling programmes, simple and straightforward informational packaging
Charity activities and CSR complements the positive image of the company
Source: Compiled material
Relatively low brand awareness, due to absence of broadcast advertising
High investments in R&D compared to other expenses
UPS of fine and natural ingredients with clinically proven formulas can be easily copied by competitors
Usage of natural products that have a high cost, could lead to high unit costs and high labor costs
Premium price might exclude well-off customers
Source: Compiled material
Potential growth expansion in the men's facial care sector
Leverage on parent company's know-how, network, channel distribution for international market penetration and brand image
Expansion of distribution channels
Growing grooming market may lead to additional growth opportunities and expansion of the customers base
Source: Compiled material
Strong competition in the facial care industry
Low switching costs
Growing competition in the new emerging markets
Designer brands represent the top competitors
High availability of close substitutes
WOM might not always be sufficient in creating the brand awareness
Source: Imagination
Max, 25-35 years of age, living in major metropolitan city. Educated young professional with high income, likely to be in a relationship or marriage.

Max is adventurous, loving outdoor activities, leading a healthy life and caring about quality of products and services. Cautious about his appearance, thus he is willing to get the best to satisfy his needs.

Max is constantly exploring himself, his essence and manhood, by engaging in various activities like, biking, running, surfing, wall climbing or archery.
Source: Imagination
Max, who is currently working in Beijing, is exposed to
, because he spends time outside, biking to work.

Since Max, as all men, expose his skin to more
damaging factors
, like regular shaving, this makes him even more vulnerable to pollutants from smog.

Therefore, he needs a product that makes his
skin resilient
to harmful external factors, without compromising his comfort.
Source: American Academy of Dermatology, Journal of American Medical Association, N. Puizina-Ivic, 2008
Premature aging, like wrinkles and loss of elasticity of skin
Increased risk of eczema
Various skin conditions like, dryness, rashes or acne
Blockage of healthy skin cell growth
Smog effects on human skin
Source: Imagination
A multi-functional overnight, lotion that cleans skin from externally absorbed pollutants, which break into free radicals, at the same time tackling naturally produced internal free radicals, preventing eczema, irritation and dryness.
Protective Eye roll-on, which protects the eyes meanwhile being in the polluting environment.
Arrow, Shield, Cover...
Spray for uncovered skin areas, which provides formula for skin cell growth and hydration, meanwhile protecting it from exposure to pollutants
Source: Imagination
Kiehl's can provide samples for Max's outdoor activities.

For example: Max does Crossfit outside with a team of people. It's a smog'ish day and he needs protection.

Kiehl's provides the new anti-smog products. WOM spreads fast among the crossfiters. From each workout, they take pictures to drive the online activity, both beneficial for Kiehl's and Crossfit affiliate.

To continue training outdoor Max goes to shop for Kiehl's products.

Source: Imagination
QR code for an app as an in store activity
Touch-points in store:
Touch-points online:
Guess an ingredient
Adventure Selfie
''Pimp Mr Bones''
Skin week
AIDS day support
Wings of
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