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10 steps to writing a research paper

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Ivan Guerrero

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of 10 steps to writing a research paper

10 steps to writing a research paper Paragraphs and essays with integrated readings Step 2: Find sources Step 3: List sources 10 steps to writing
a research paper Step 1: Select a topic Pick something interesting and appropriate for you. With your topic and its divisions in mind, identify all the materials pertaining to it. Make a list of works that may provide info without examining them carefully. Lee Brandon &
Kelly Brandon Choose your purpose Narrow the subject 4 steps to select a topic Choose a subject Make a scratch Pick a topic and make an outline of it. Construct a thesis and choose what you intend to write about. Limit or narrow the subject. There are two choices:
Explain something
Persuade of something Make a scratch
Choose a subject
Narrow the subject
Choose your purpose Selecting a topic Questions to discriminate your sources Author Publication Support Date What are the qualifications of the author? What is the reputation of the publication? How reliable is the support? When was published? Phases: Preliminary bibliography Works cited Step 4: Take notes Take notes that pertain to divisions of your topic. Topic division Author Page Text quote ... Summary Relevance Entertainment Carpenter 60 Citizens of more than one city [see Los Angeles] have strenuously battled their zoos when officials tried to get rid of lions or bears to make room for less romantic but more endangered species.” Summary: Citizens usually win Relevance: shows influence of zoo goers on policy. Step 5: Refine you thesis and outline Helps you to reflect more precisely what you intend to write. Step 6: Write your first draft Elements to check for your first draft Plagiarism References
to articles, books ... Parenthetical references Consider the following rules of documentation: Every copied quotation between quotation marks "" Paraphrase (rewrite passages) Identify the exact source and location of each statement, fact, or original idea borrowed from another person work. When citing an author, mention his name in the text. Step 7: Revise your first draft C L U E S S Write and revise as many times as needed Coherent language Unity Emphasis Support Sentences Correct problems in fundamentals C O P S Capitalization Omissions Punctuation Spelling Step 8: Prepare your works cited section Step 9: Write your final draft Title page Thesis and outline List of sources used Documented essay Final draft Step 10: Submit required materials Use a checklist to make sure requirements are fulfilled Checklist Title page Thesis and outline Documented essay Number of words Number of words quoted (usually less than 20%) List of sources Preliminary materials Style
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