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Infographic Resume


Janis Perfetto

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Infographic Resume

Brag Sheet My Life Up to Now Infographic Resume Janis Perfetto Ain't nothin' but a heart break! Rock Star Extraordinaire Won American Idol three years in a row. Twice. Won So You Think You Can Dance! partnered with The Rock Appeared on Dancing with the Stars - She really cannot sing. She lip-synced to MY singing! Sang lead vocals for Lady Ga Ga. I am the one responsible for his success. But not his death. Played lead guitar with TuPac. But he forgot that we were supposed to get married and live happily ever after. :-( Played drums with Slash. I beat Kelly, Carrie, Fantasia, Ruebin, Jordin, and Chris D. all in the same competition. I taught him how to be a WWF wrestler!
And play football.
And play basketball.
And play tennis.
But I am not responsible for his acting skills
(or the lack thereof). They lip-synced to my singing too - all of them. Sang lead vocals with The Back Street Boys. and how to be chic magnets. I taught NSync how to sing, dance, and be stars. He's not really dead. He's on the isle of Scorpios with JFK, Marilyn, Elvis, and Michael. I tried to teach her to never go out in public without make-up. Some students just refuse to listen to their teachers. China and Beowulf are two that you can do!
Try it. It's fun!
Go to www.prezi.com to create one like this one. YOU, too, can create an
infographic resume!
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