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HERCC Home Star


Panama Bartholomy

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of HERCC Home Star

Home Star and the California Energy Commission

Panama Bartholomy
Advisor to Chairman Karen Douglas
California Energy Commission
Oakland, CA

Thank You

Panama Bartholomy
(916) 654-4896
pbarthol@energy.ca.gov In 2016, it will be six
In 2012, it will be four Summation Panama Bartholomy
pbarthol@energy.ca.gov Unintended Consequences Utility Rebates Home Star Jurisdictions create voluntary, opt-in assesment district
Financing for commercial and residential property owners for energy and water retrofits
Loans repaid over 20 years via annual property tax assessment
Property Assesed Clean Energy (PACE) Every major metropolitan area in CA developing a PACE district
Los Angeles County (with all 88 jurisdictions in the County)
8 Bay Area Counties
San Diego County and San Diego Association of Governments
Sacramento County and City and Sacramento Area Council of Governments Home Energy Financing By Q3 2010
1/2 Home Star
1/4 Utility
1/4 Financed through PACE (20-year property assesment, 7-9% interest) 28 Million Californians in a PACE district by 3rd quarter of 2010 CA Solar Thermal Hot Water Program
$300 million program in PG&E, SoCal Gas and SDG&E territories
200,000 solar hot water heaters state-wide

Home Star I Want You to Have a Job Up to a $1,500 rebate per measure
Not to exceed $3,000
Not to exceed 50% of project cost
www.Efficiencyfirst.org $3,000 incentive for a 20% savings
$1,000 for each additional 5% savings
Not to exceed 50% of project cost or $8,000
Qualified Contractor.:
Licensed Contratcor
$1 million in general liability coverage
Warranty work for 1 year after completion
Accredited Contractor:
Licensed Contratcor
$1 million in general liability coverage
Warranty work for 1 year after completion
Accredited by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) or another organization A professional credential awarded by BPI to contracting companies who commit to offering comprehensive “whole house” home performance solutions for their customers. • 20% of Silver Star jobs
• 15% of Gold Star jobs
• 10% for Silver and Gold jobs for contractors using 100% “certified workforce” in accordance with
– BPI Certification
– North American Technical Assistance
– Laborers’ International Union of North America Home Star Summation:
$6 Billion rebates
$3-8,000 per house or half the cost, whichever is less
Need BPI accreditation to access Gold Star
HERS II for Gold Star measurement
Clean Energy Workforce Training
Home Performance Contractor
Certified Green Building Professional
Home Energy Rating System (HERS) II http://www.energy.ca.gov/HERS/ Small Business Support:
Business plan development
Low-cost financing
Tax credits for new hires
Wage Reimbursement On-the-Job Training Program Huge Demand Coming Be Prepared: Get BPI Accreditated Get HERS II Certified Visit your SBDC Talk to the PACE Administrators Connect with Workforce Investment Board for new workers Direct Responsibilities Quality Assurance Financing Building Performance Software Indirect Responsibilities Workforce Training Coordination with Other Programs Branding and Marketing Rebate Aggregator General Oversight 210 days ..a plan to implement a quality assurance program that covers all federally assisted residential efficiency retrofit work administered, supervised, or sponsored by the State. QA Framework (1) contractors prequalification
(2) list of prequalified contractors; and
(3) minimum standards for prequalified contractors
(4) targets and realistic plans for—
the recruitment of small minority or women-owned business enterprises; and
the employment of graduates of training programs that primarily serve low-income populations and
(5) link workforce training for energy efficiency retrofits with training for the broader range of skills and occupations in construction or emerging clean energy industries.
..coordination and cooperation by the entity with the appropriate State energy office regarding participation in the existing energy efficiency programs that will be delivering the Home Star Program. Cooperation and Coordination HERS II (1) interest rate reductions;
(2) loan loss reserves or other forms of credit enhancement;
(3) revolving loan funds
(4) other debt instruments or financial products necessary—
to maximize leverage provided through available funds; and
to support widespread deployment of energy efficiency finance programs.
Home Star Energy Efficiency Loan Program AB 758 So Far..... Strike Team Legislation Summits You AB 2614
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