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Davis College: The TESL Program

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emma speck

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Davis College: The TESL Program

Davis College:
The TESL Program

Where Can I Go With TESL?
ANYWHERE! TESL is unique program that allows its students to teach in America or overseas. At Davis students are given the chance to teach in China for five weeks during the summer months to fulfill their internship requirement.
A Head Above the Rest?
Davis College puts a high emphasis on training its students for life AND ministry. Davis College makes no bones about the fact that the Word of God is prominent. So that focus is carried over into every program, including TESL. TESL students are encouraged to use their skills, abilities, and what they learn to further the kingdom of God. Missions is also a great possibility with the flexibility that TESL students have to travel with their job. Davis College is a step up in its TESL program because of the opportunities they offer, the quality of education and the ministry focus it presents and stands for.
Why TESL at
The TESL program at Davis is unique in that it gives its students the chance to exercise what they are learning. TESL students are involved in the local ACA practice teaching with foreign students. These students are also involved at teaching foreign students at local private schools. These are rare opportunities that gives students experience, notoriety within that community, and real on the job practice.
In America:
Experience Benefits
Continued :
The experience that TESL students at Davis get not only gains them experience but prepares them for a future job. These students will go out into the job world already possessing the skills that new TESL teachers would not have prior. The new class jitters and rough edges would be more rounded and complete because of the prior experience that the students from Davis would have.
TESL stands for Teaching English as a Second Language. This is unique program that enables its students to properly prepare to teach English to those who do not claim English as their native language.
TESL enables students to travel far and wide. Asian students are very keen on learning English to improve their futures. This creates a large job market for Teachers of English as a Second Language. This is a growing job field in this hard economy.
There is a large population of immigrants today in the US. Many of which cannot speak English. This is a necessity if they are to survive and succeed in America. This need offers a wide job field for TESL teachers. Many TESL teachers are locating in large urban areas where the immigrant population is most prominent.
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