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Tony Armstead

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Ukraine

Kai Jackson and Tony Armstead
Most popular foods/drinks
The City of Kyiv
Ukrainian sports
Ice hockey
Ukraine's flag
religion/ethnic group
Ethnic Ukrainians make up more than three-quarters of the republic’s population.
Russians make up 1/6 of Ukraine's population
Approximately two-thirds of Ukrainians live in urban areas.
Here's a map of Ukraine!
There are seven surround Ukraine and they are:
Ukrainians are almost like us by what they eat to what they play or the music they listen to.
They have some foods that are very different from our food (ex. burgers).
There are many places to go in Ukraine but here the top 5 places to see!

Saint Sophia Cathedral
St. Michael's Cathedrale
Landscape Alley
Rodina Mat
Hedgehog Monument
Whenever you would go to Ukraine you should bring shorts, T-shirts, a hat, and maybe a small jacket because in August, the temperature is 76 degrees fairenheight
The capital city is Kiev
Here are three major event that happened in Ukraine

Sep 2, 911, Viking monarch Oleg of Kiev, Russia, signed a treaty with the Byzantines.
1399-Chersonesos in the southern Crimean peninsula, the Byzantine world’s largest trading outpost, was sacked by the Mongols.
1819- Russia declared Odessa to be a free port.
There is also a lot of people that are famous and came from Ukraine and here are 3!

Andriy Shevchenko(soccer player born September 29, 1976)
Sergey Bubka (pole vaulter born December 4, 1963
Yana Klochkova(swimmer born August 7, 1982
No Ukrainian girl would get married if she didn't know how to make borsch. It is the most popular of the Ukrainian foods. This traditional soup , made out of mainly beet root and 20 other ingredients, is a stable food in every Ukrainian family
This sweet egg bread is the rightful companion of the ground meat sausage.Paska is the favorite staple of Ukrainian Easter Breakfast tables.
Just like Borshch, traditonal dumplings spearheded the voyage of Ukrainian cuisine across the globe. Made of flour, water, salt, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, fried onions, pickled cabbage, and even cherries. To sweeten it up, you could add cream and honey.
Banosh with Brynza
The highlands of Carpathian Mountains and the far-away such as Transcarpathia are reversed to as the kingdom of Ukraine's most luscious dishes. Made of local salty sheep cheese, wild white mushrooms, and bits of pork fat.
Uzvar is a traditional Ukrainian drink of choice! It's typically served on christmas dinner, and is regularly served in local households
country geographically
A map of Ukraine
Landscape Vally
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