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Persepolis - Main Themes

No description

anna debiasi

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Persepolis - Main Themes

The Graphic Novel
in a graphic novel, the medium of storytelling is as important as the story itself
Main Themes
By using frames of drawing with minimal text, the graphic novel calls on the reader to enter into a different kind of textual interpretation.
frames of drawing with minimal text
Satrapi draws in a minimalist style: black and white, often only six to eight panels on a page.
childlike understanding of the world
how the Islamic revolution left Iran devoid of its cultural history.
Iconic representations of Islam are forbidden by the Islamic regime
The novel is a form of protest as well as art.
Class Difference
great poverty
"The Letter."
key paradise
people who want to change as the times change, and want to keep up with Western culture
people who are Islamic extremists, and are overly religious
Islamic Revolution
great wealth
genre of literature
progress from childhood to adultness
leave home to underg a journey
develop a more mature understanding of his or her self
Coming of Age
young person's transition from childhood to adulthood
throughout the book as we see Marjane progress from being a child to becoming a young adult
Relationship between Parents and Children
metaphor for her relationship with her country and the wider world
Her relationship with her mother and father
full of tension
"dark moment"
-one most educate onerself-
The Abandonment of Faith
As a child, Marjane sees herself as a prophet
Her imaginary friend is her vision of God
The imprisonment and execution of her Uncle Anoosh
break in her faith
Tension between Past and Present
great and glorious past of the Persian Empire
violence and problems of modern Iran.
Marjane's pride is in direct conflict with
the imprisonment of political revolutionaries
The execution of those that speak out against the Islamic regime.
she talks back to her teachers
she rebels by wearing her denim jacket, a Michael Jackson badge and Nike shoes
In Vienna, she rebels by adopting a punk style, taking drugs and starting smokig
citizens of second category
they must wear the ‘burquah’,
they can’t go to school
they can’t get out of home
they must be accompanied by man relative
Civil war in Iran
war between Iran and Iraq
Division of families
Ruin of the youth
The black and white
the past
different kind of textual interpretation
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