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Producers and Consumers of the Marine Ecosystem

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ariyanna haygood

on 9 April 2016

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Transcript of Producers and Consumers of the Marine Ecosystem

Producers and Consumers of the Marine Ecosystem
What is a producer
A producer is for example a plant. The plant is able to create its own food. Without plants humans wouldn't be able to survive.

A producer is able to produce its own food while consumers aren't.
The consumer is like the opposite of the producer. It is unable to make it's own food and therefore has to eat the food the producer makes.
Seaweed & Kelp
Seaweed and kelp are two of the three main producers in the ocean. They work like plants do. They produce their own food which they live off of but other things will eat it to get there food.
Phytoplankton produce alot of oxygen through photosynthesis. But they also create glucose that allows them and others to survive.
Mussels are one of the primary consumers of the ocean. They feed on plankton primarily phytoplankton.
Lobsters are also one of the primary consumers of the marine ecosystem. Although they actually eat the mussels.
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