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Green Energy Fee Campaign Presentation

No description

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Green Energy Fee Campaign Presentation

Green Energy Fee
Grant Program

Approved by students for students
The SAF is a student-approved fee that all students pay.
($7 a quarter for full-time students)
Part of the funds purchase Renewable Energy Credits that
offset %100
of WWU's electricity consumption with renewable energy.
The remaining funds (approximately $300,000 a year) are used to fund student-led sustainability projects on campus through
Sustainable Action Fund Grants.
The mission
of the SAF
is to fund
projects that:
Increase Student Involvement and Education.
Reduce the
University's Environmental
Create an Aware
& Engaged
We fund all shapes and sizes of sustainability projects!
Large Grants!
$5,000 up to $300,000
Small Grants!
$500 to $5,000
The SEED Dorm Room!
The GEF/SAF is up for vote in 2015
From April 27-May 1, 2015, students will vote to reauthorize the Green Energy Fee/Sustainable Action Fund.

This is an opportunity to showcase the success of the program, and to think about what you want the fund to look like in the future.

Contact Info:
Nate White
Green Energy Fee Grant Program Coordinator

Emily Blessington
VP Students for Renewable Energy
GEF Campaign Committee Co-Chair

Zach Dugovich
AS VP for Student Life
GEF Campaign Committee Co-Chair
More gardens?
More water
More energy conservation & efficiency?
More on-campus renewable energy?
More holistic sustainability focus? (i.e. social)
More staff working on sustainability?
Your idea here!
SAF compared to other fees
Required fees (6+ credits):
Recreation Center Fee: $99.00
Health Service: $85.00
Non-Academic Building Fee: $39.00
Technology: $35.00
Alternative Transportation Fee: $26.25
Sustainable Action Fund:

max. $7.00
Legislative Action Fee: $1.00

Election consequences

$ for sustainability projects is more difficult to procure from other University sources

SAF ensures students access to $ for innovative sustainability projects

Renewable Energy Credits?
What You Need to Know!

is becoming...
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