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Oregon State Concrete Canoe Team

No description

Andy Truong

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Oregon State Concrete Canoe Team

The Union, 2014
Oregon State University
Concrete Canoe

Structural Analysis
2D analysis
Max tensile stress: 144 psi
Max compressive stress: 55 psi
Mix Design
Type I Cement
Class F Fly Ash
K15 Glass Bubbles

Steel mesh
Reused & modified existing formwork
Saved time & money
Mobile canoe casting
Project Management
Two Co-Captains
: Andy Truong & Amy McKee
Structural Analysis Lead
: Jakob Walter
Mix Design Lead
: Andrew Wilson
Construction Lead
: Shaun Garey
Paddling Lead
: Amy McKee
Hull Design
Reused existing hull design from
Beaver Believer

Thank you
Daravair 1000
Advacast 555
19 concrete test mixes
Compression strength: 1470 psi
Tension strength: 220 psi
1:3 scale model
Length: 20 ft 3" in.
Max. Width: 31.5 in.
Max. Depth: 16 in.
Est. Weight: 475 lbs
Avg. thickness: 1 in.
Carbon fiber grid
Reinforcement placement
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