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This is about differnet tools you can use for projects and presentations.

Taylor Coppersmith

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Web

Web 2.0 Google Docs:
It is a website That allows you to make charts and graphs with questions and people can answer them and Google docs can already set up all you data without you having to fix it.
Social Networking:
This is just a site that you can use to talk to anyone you are friends with. You can even post comments and pictures that you would like. We could use this because you could post comments on there about our homework and even we could ask you questions we have about homework or even a test.

We could use this because if you decide to have a survey about the class you can set up an address that students can access and then they can take the survey and they will automatically have your data set up for you so you can just look at the information. Twitter:
It limits to small phases made of 140 characters and it helps you get closer to your friends and family because it is like you are sitting there with them. We could use this in school by, if we are have class we can use it to ask questions and teachers can also post homework and homework help. This can also help kids get more involved in learning because they can use something they love. Flickr:
This is just another site that has pictures of things but it is safer than google. We could use this to look up images but get ones that are not bad or “dirty”. Cloud Computing:
This will help you access any document you have on any computer. This would be nice to have so that if we have a project on our school account we can just access it anywhere we need to. Blog:
It is a page on the internet that allows you to post comments, pictures, and even things about yourself. Some teachers may use it to teach their students. An example of a blog is a website that you can post comments on and also you can view postings and comments that people have made. RSS:
This is a bar that helps you subscribe to anything you want in one little chart. This would be a good idea to have in class so that we can get what even we need when ever we want it. Online Bookmarks:
This is a book mark system that will post your favorite websites and then connect them at any computer you want. These would be nice to have because we would not have to type in addresses anymore. We could just save the websites we use the must and then just go. Wikis:
Wikis are a quick way to store any kind of digital information. This would be nice to have because, we could have a quick way to get information. but then if something is wrong we can automatically. pandora:
It is a radio on the internet that you can set up an account and listen to music with. This will help with any project. Sometimes you want your students to put music on their projects and need to get some type of music to have playing. They can go to this website and get it.
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