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History of Japanese Baseball

No description

Casey Dane

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of History of Japanese Baseball

History of
Japanese Baseball

Horace Wilson - 1867~1873
History of
American Baseball
Shinbashi Athletic Club Athletics - 1878
Koshien - 1915
Pro Yakyu - 1920
Pro Yakyu Kai - 1936
Little League
First mention of baseball in 1791
Derived from British game called Rounders
Little League/Pony and Babe Ruth
High School
New York Knickerbockers - 1845
NABBP - 1857
Little League - Carl Stotz: 1939, Williamsport
60 ft bases, no leadoffs, 46 ft mound, 6 innings, small barrel
Pony - 1951, Pittsburgh
70 ft bases, leadoffs & pickoffs, 52 ft mound, 7 innings, big barrel
Babe Ruth - Marius D. Bonacci: 1951, New Jersey
80 ft bases, leadoffs & pickoffs, 54 ft mound, 7 innings, big barrel
Frosh/Soph, JV, Varsity
90 ft bases, leadoffs & pickoffs, 60 ft 6 in mound, 7 innings, big barrel -3 BBCOR
90 ft bases, leadoffs & pickoffs, 60 ft 6 in mound, 9 innings, big barrel -3 BBCOR or wood bats
High School Pros
College World Series
90 ft bases, leadoffs & pickoffs, 60 ft 6 in mound, 9 innings, wood bats
Players from high school, college, and from all around the world
World Series
Founded in 1869, Cubs 1st team
New York Yankees - most titles (27)
Japanese vs. American Baseball History
8 World Series-1967
Aluminum Baseball Bats
Japanese Baseball "Nankyuu"
High School
Established -1915
Lefty O’Doul the
“Father of Japanese” baseball
High School
12 Teams
Yomiuri Giants
Final Goal
Ichiro Susuki, Norichika Aoki
42 Former and Current Players
Hanshien Koshien Stadium
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