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2012 REANNZ Member Meeting

No description

Steve Cotter

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of 2012 REANNZ Member Meeting

Platform for Innovation
Value-added Services
the network and ourselves
Site-by-site audits
It all starts with knowing your customer
It's about delivering more services that the members need, at lower cost
Stable, reliable, high-performance, flexible and delivers end-to-end
Engagement with a purpose
By providing an open
One that supports the distributed, international nature of today's data-intensive science
Leveraging the infrastructure
( It's our responsibility as stewards of national eResearch infrastructure. )
This part is all about what uses the network...
This part is all about the...
Delivering increased value to the community
Supporting research, education
and innovation
This year's focus has been on
We asked the tough questions
Doubled the number of network engineers
perfSONAR is a tool for end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting of multi-domain network performance. perfSONAR provides network engineers with the ability to test and measure network performance, as well as to archive data in order to pinpoint and solve service problems that may span multiple networks and international boundaries. perfSONAR is currently deployed in over 100 locations around the world, and is extremely valuable when doing network troubleshooting.
The following are sample perfSONAR graphs. perfSONAR can be extremely useful in helping identify 'soft' failures in the network. REANNZ has deployed 6 perfSONAR appliances so far - with plans for 12 more in 2013.
Should advanced networks monitor & measure their traffic?
Yes, because you can't
what you don't
new ways to do networking
How is SDN (OpenFlow) different?
R&E Use case: Science DMZ
Global Cloud Service Partner Program
what is
software defined
It's about driving innovation and paradigm shifts
More Services
Use home institution sign on credentials to gain access to REANNZ connectivity
Australia, Sri Lanka,, Thailand, Hong Kong
Also includes: Australia, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States
Charter Member
Wellington 12/12/12
How well do we know our users?
How effectively are we running our network?
How well are we managing ourselves?
Change how we engage
Operational and architectural review
Network design:
But what else did it tell us?
We didn't have enough network engineers
We had outsourced most of our core competencies
For most of our users, networking was just too hard
There was an end-to-end problem
We had little understanding of what was happening in the network
New Monitoring & Measurement Policy approved by MMWG
Deployed M-Lab node in Auckland
New redundant back-end infrastructure
Collect and archive performance data
Running additional services (e.g. DNS, RANCID, Nagios, etc.)
cache (coming)
Re-architected peering structure
Better traffic engineering
Better network resiliency
Better security
Better performance
Old REANNZ Corporate Structure
New REANNZ Corporate Structure
We weren't owning our members' problems
Managing the network
Lower operating costs
Better support
"His blog posts are actually pretty much a crash course on getting started with Django for POX/OpenFlow developers, and if this is the sort of thing you’re interested in, you should absolutely give it a read."
RADIUS servers deployed in Jan 2013
will make it easier
Lando Calrissian
Darth Vadar
Han Solo
The Intergalactic Empire
Imperial ground forces
Emperor Palpatine
Calamari Cruiser
Blow up Death Star (again)
Save Galaxy (again)
The Rebel Alliance
Admiral Ackbar
Characters :
Millenium Falcon
Luke Skywalker
Tie Fighters
AT-ST Walkers
Super Star Destroyer
Death Star
The overview structure implies the tension
between the two sides
- it can be conveyed even at a distance where we can't see the details
This website allows Kiwis to test and compare their broadband connection. lets users test their broadband performance at home/work/campus or the beach and choose between Internet Service Providers (ISP). also allows users to compare their internet connection with our fellow Kiwis - and their test results with speeds advertised by ISPs.
New Zealand Broadband Test
Hosted by REANNZ
Thru firewall
Thru ScienceDMZ
4X improvement
SIP E.164 Peering Exchange
Settlement-free Peering
Domestic (APE, WIX, etc.)
Engineering & Support
WAN Design
Border router / perfSONAR node management
Science DMZ
UFB Products
Registered with Chorus
24 x 7 On-call Engineer
International Connectivity
In negotiations for shared access to 40Gbps (eventually 100Gbps) science wavelength and low-cost commodity internet.
( Following the
of Pacific Fibre)
Domestic Connectivity
Exploring options for purchasing, provisioning and operating our next-generation network infrastructure on a fundamentally different model than the typical managed-service network.
Involves the sharing of raw unbundled network elements (like fibre optic cable and optical transport equipment) in a way that creates long-term opportunities for a facilities-based innovation platform for science and research at significantly reduced costs.
(coming soon)
R&E dedicated
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