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Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal

No description

Cristina Reda

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal

SWOT: External
Porter's Model
SWOT: Internal
SWOT: Internal
Situational Assessment
SWOT: External
Honduras 1997

Pros & Cons
Investing in Guajilote

-Possibility of Expanding

-Power of Supplier

-Exclusive production

Implementing Change
Improve efficiency: Divide in three specializations
- Identification of fallen trees
- Cut trees
- Move the trees

Expand business: Replicate model of production

Eliminate Distributor: Invest in transportation vehicles

Invest in new technology: -ATV's replace mules
-Better tools for cutting tree

Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal
Threat of Entry:

- Governement regulations on mahagony

- Conditions of renewal with COHDEFOR

- Culture: Caudillo

The power of buyers:

- Low power: Only company with this resource
- Commodity

The Power of the Suppliers:

- Prior to Santos: 3-4 leres (low)
- Subsequent: 7-8 leres (high)

Threat of Substitution:
-The demand of other woods

Competitive Rivalry:
- No because they are the only company with the right to exploit this natural resource

• Employee Satisfaction: Improved quality of life, making more money in one month then he did in a year allowing to education children. Positive atmosphere creates team work

• Low Costs: Due to low cost of expenses

• Negotiation: Munguia's ability to negotiate from 0.37-0.62, negotiating skills provides status

• Competition:Guajilote is the first and only company in the market

• Defined Processes: All members have been with company since the establishments birth therefore knows the procedure (specialized)

Munguia and his nephew are at the top of it's structure.
-Limiation in growth :
Distribution: low price due to inability to distribute within its own company (elimination would increase profit

Expanding market: Only market is Honduras, should expand to other parks
to increase consumer's options and access

Strategic Alliances: Outsource Contractors

Production: Evaluated by external company with suggestions to
incorporate making and marketing mahogany furniture

Production with other Types of Trees: Other naturally fallen trees
National Park need to be removed

Efficiency: Providing specific tasks to members of the corporation to
become more specialized

-Supply influenced by nature
-Production efficiency
-Limited experience:
-Limited education: limits understanding of markets
-Limits quality of organization
-Limited transportation:
Transportation techniques influenced by weather
-Limited techniques:
Limited production techniques.
-Forest fires

- Lack of Finance/line of credit

-Restricted resources

- Political Instability
- GDP- 4.68 billion
- PPP - 1609.608
- Exports: 65% of exports are Bananas and Coffee
- Government: Importance of preserving Forests
-Company: No financial records
- Average monthly income: 113$ american
Politcs :
Cultural Context:
- Unimportance of Education: primary school
-High power distance: Caudillo
-Uncertainty Avoidance: High
-Nurturing Culture: Only changed 3 members
-Salary distribution (1000-1500/month)
-Munguia brings to company.
-Corruption Highest 21 perentile (126/175)

- Inefficient Transportation (animals)
- Logging technology
- Financial technology
-Restrict to fallen trees
-Financial restrictions
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