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WTG Training Course Value Proposition

No description

oliver chandler

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of WTG Training Course Value Proposition

Example Course Structure
Soft Skills
Specifically applied to the discipline
Best Practices
Their benefits, frameworks and methods of application
Use of case studies, group exercises, even competitive group v group challenges
Developing action plans
designed to improve performance, clarify strategy and improve business / management models for the practitioners to take away and implement
Our market
Strategic planning
Management Frameworks
Optimising Execution
Business Aims
Company Focus
Executive teams
The Attendees
Technically very proficient
Very experienced
Practitioners within the industry
meeting targets
increasing efficiency and performance
meeting company strategic goals
understanding adjacent / contributory departments
managing teams to meet these aims
Attending WTG Training to
Learn fresh / benchmark their own processes against tried and tested methods offered by the expert
Sharing ideas with their contemporaries
understand how to interact with adjacent departments and teams to reach common goals
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
What WTG Training Addresses
What other courses address
Industry topics and challenges
Value Proposition
Emphasis on
Topics covered
Who is it for?
What will I be able to do after participating?
Decision gates to be passed before the 'green light'
Do we appreciate the challenges faced by potential attendees
Can our course leader & content address these challenges
Is the value proposition very clear and attractive
Are there enough practitioners out there with sufficient need to address these challenges
Can we run the course multiple times, in different locations
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