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2016-17 Blackout Poetry Winners

No description

Connie Joyce

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of 2016-17 Blackout Poetry Winners

RCHS Blackout
Poetry Winners

First Place Winner
$25 Amazon Gift Card
They were wild
Perhaps faintly menacing
A shape, with slight variations,
Worked in silence.
"Who's there?" she said.
There was no answer.
2nd & 3rd Place Winners
$5 Starbucks
Jordan Miller
More of the
Top Ten Winners
Victoria Chavez
Desiree Penland

Noah Allred
She would never forget this
So many lives heard her
As she squeezed the trigger
The bullet,
The nothingness of space
Tore through his empire
This is how tyrants fall.
Kimberly Lee
She can't see how pretty
She is
She felt. She knew she thought
It would be somethingto keep her
From going too far.
The killer is the
Faces in the mirror.
Alexis Gray
She was there behind me.
I could feel her sweater.
I knew she was my mother,
My hopes of her face was vivid.
She evaporated into the
first moment we needed comfort.
Kelsey Ornelas
She talked about angels
And I was no angel.
His hand,
His fingertips,
Here with him,
See you soon.
I am weak.
Matthew Bribiesca
Simple Things
Life would never be the same the day that
Spends hours, especially in a relationship,
But such a outsider had hidden from
God in the first place.
The Broken One
Yet a reason love struck the heart
From all other things cause me,
my life, finding
True love turn all on hurt like a
person with high empty
Step of only shrugged,
I was there even though I
did not trust.
I found true love
In my box
Full of
Special sugar
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