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Original CMO Focus Story

No description

Eric Schneider

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Original CMO Focus Story

copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
Jen gets an invite to a holiday party
I need to shop!
But when
Her friend Gabby shares an ad on her wall.
I need to save cash and look good!
Clicks for more detail
Hey, White House|BM has got some fans.
Has a look at WH|BM Facebook page
Nice layout and a few friends like them
Likes the page
I want in on that early access sale!
Shops dresses on the Facebook page
This is access!
Now about those sequins...
Looks more at that one on the right
Oh that's SO me. And the price is right!
Clicks through to the WH|BM site
That belt and the bracelet
Adds the dress to her cart
A $20 credit?
Those accessories are calling
Creates an account
I can connect with FB. Easy!
Opts in to the loyalty program
Sweet benefits. Private sales are the best.
She gets a prompt welcome email
I expect this, naturally.
Her alarm goes off for a meeting
Duty calls. Time to shift gears.
A day later she gets an email.
Drat. I forgot all about this. Maybe over lunch...
Out for lunch, she checks her phone.
Awesome! The new belt's in stock!
In the store an assoc. pulls up her cart
Yes! And the belt and the bracelet!
Goes home happy.
Then sees belt is scratched
Oh ugh! Gabby won't believe this!
Tweets to Gabby...
And gets a response
Please just make me happy.
I was so happy :(
WH|BM social rep solves her problem
So fast and nice.
They made it right
Browses the Web later
Nice WH|BM video.
I should get to that dress
Siebel Marketing
Siebel Loyalty
Oracle Commerce has a good vision, leveraging other Oracle applications
— including WebCenter Sites (formerly called FatWire), Siebel and Oracle Fusion assets — with strong positioning around digital customer experience.
References gave
positive feedback and higher satisfaction scores for product functionality, vision and manageability of the product
, although less positive scores for overall satisfaction, reporting capabilities, ease of upgrade and overall implementation experience.
Oracle is still in the process of integrating Endeca, WebCenter Sites and Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration, and streamlining its road map.
References raised concerns, such as a
lack of visibility into Oracle's road map, an inability to influence commerce developments plans, a communication gap between Oracle product support and the development team
, a lack of strong B2B capabilities, and difficulty in integrating with legacy systems without compromising on functionality.
Oracle Commerce is
not available as a SaaS solution
, although Oracle and its partners offer hosting services. Clients have commented on the difficulty of having to
work with two or more Oracle internal organizations, and on the need to negotiate and execute more than a single contract
when implementing Oracle Commerce as a hosted service.
Future plans
Siebel CRM InMemory Next Best Action
, offering an Oracle Engineered System, the
integration of Siebel Marketing, and Oracle Eloqua to deliver improved support for digital channels (Web, mobile and Twitter)
. The vendor also has
plans to incorporate paid social media marketing
capability using Siebel Marketing segmentation and Oracle Social Cloud to publish campaigns for targeted audiences on social media.
...did not meet the minimum criteria for inclusion in the 2013 MRM Magic Quadrant
A full set of IMM competencies is

not yet available via a SaaS deployment model
Many marketing buyers today expect vendors to offer a single integrated solution, not multiple products... Oracle still
needs to do a better job of articulating the IMM road maps for its various products to avoid confusion among clients and prospects.
Oracle WebCenter Sites has a
long and solid track record
in serving large enterprises and sophisticated websites. The product remains technically and architecturally
sound and high-performing
Oracle has a
deep market understanding and accompanying vision
. For example, by employing productized
integration with Oracle Real-Time Decisions
Despite its leadership position in WCM and related software categories, Oracle often appears like a
"fast follower."
...but Oracle's broad approach to
innovation depends largely on acquisition, rather than organic R&D
Oracle is not coming up frequently on general WCM client shortlists
that are made available to Gartner. This is a reflection of a
marked decline in general market presence over the past year. Oracle does show up on Oracle-shop shortlists, but it has declined in visibility in the overall WCM market... the company is not effectively marketing to non-Oracle shops, and is appealing more strongly to its installed base with other Oracle products.
Sold by SRM, Eloqua

Sold by RGBU, primes in other
WC Sites is a Tech product
sold stand-alone

Only quoted and sold
in Eloqua GBU

BI Tech product with
62% split
38% to Apps Prime
if engaged

Apps Prime with BI components
Apps Prime with BI components
Receives continued opt-in marketing
I'm not always shopping, but these guys get it
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